Friday, July 12, 2013

Day 20 - Craik to Regina

What can I say - we did another 125 K today. That is a total of 700  K in the last five days. Now I grew up in the prairies and I know what they are like, but today was BORING!!!!!!!!

Just more of the divided highway. More wide shoulders that became narrow shoulders and then became wide and then became narrow and then wide - well you get the picture!!!!!!

My brain and my butt were NUMB after the end of the day!

I only took TWO pictures.

I aired out my tent and sleeping bag when we arrived at camp after we took the scenic route through Regina to get to our camp site. I also cleaned my bike and did the laundry. Tomorrow is a rest day, but I am NOT staying in camp!!!!!

Jeanne and Jim were picking me up!!!!!!!   You know Jeanne from The Quilt Patch in Moose Jaw and I met Jim on Tour Pacific a couple of years ago. They are just the most hospitable people in the world. After we had a great dinner at a local restaurant, we zoomed out to their house where we sat around for a couple of hours chatting over a glass of wine.

And I got to sleep in a REAL BED!!!!!!!   Not that I missed sleeping in a real bed, but it was nice to not be in a campground!!!!!!!

On that note - that is it for this day.

Have a great day!!!!!!!


(we have four more cycling days before the next rest day) - I will do what I can with updating the blog, but it just isn't going to happen as often as I would like. Internet access is sketchy at best.   And I will let you know when I add the pictures into the last couple of days.

I do know that Neal gets to update his blog more readily than I do (he is using cellular, not internet to update). I think if you search for windaturback - you should find  it.

Otherwise become my friend on Facebook (Elaine Theriault) and I am updating once or twice a day there. BTW - we are now in Manitoba!!!!!!

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