Thursday, July 11, 2013

Day 18 - Kindersley to Outlook

If all days could be like today - this trip would be a breeze.

We got up early (as usual), although I don't know why some get up so early. Breakfast isn't until 6:30 at the EARLIEST and there are some who are unzipping their tents at 5:15!!!!!   It doesn't take that long to get ready people!!!!!  But everyone is different, so I just lay in my tent and read until 6 AM. I don't get up any sooner than that.

OK - so why was today a breeze??????   We did 155 KM and it was the third day in a row that we did a major distance so no one was really looking forward to it, BUT we had a tail wind ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!   I mean we literally flew along that road. My average speed was 30.6 KPH or something ridiculous like that. Everyone came into camp oohing and aahing about how great the day was.

I felt bad for Eric because this morning was the day that his bike choose to give him problems and therefore he could not ride. I don't think he was too happy but what can you do. Joyce hasn't been riding for a day or two either because she has hurt her shoulder, but every day it is getting better.

We met Susan (a quilter friend of mine) in Rosetown. Thank goodness for Facebook. We set up a place and a time to meet and I think we were five minutes late which is pretty darn good for being on a bicycle. I forgot to calculate the stops for eating!!!!

Susan and ME. Susan just lives a few km away from where we met. And it was bizarre how I met Susan in the first place. If you remember my blog from last year - she is the lady who has the BARN QUILTS in Saskatchewan and then I met her through The Quilt Patch. Then we kept in touch on Facebook. Small world!!!!!!   Hi Susan!!!!!   Thanks for taking time out of your day to meet me!!!

I was VERY sleepy after lunch and could not stop yawning. I thought I was going to fall asleep on my bike!!!!!   All because of the noise the night before. YES - I had ear plugs, but when I get wound up because people are making noise - it takes a LONG time for me to settle down. I tried to talk my way to sleep and it eventually worked, but I was still tired. Once we stopped and I had some dried fruite (yeah sugar)  - that woke me up and I was fine for the rest of the day.

We did tag team with a lot of the other group throughout the day which was fun.

Yes - you can see your dog run away for three days in this area!!!!!

However there are also hills, but not BIG hills

Let's not forget the canola fields

At the end of the day we had a BIG (by Saskatchewan standards) hill to get into Outlook. I was overcome by a burst of energy and passed the group on the hill - going UP!!!!!   Zipped into the campground. I was on fire!!!!

After I got my tent up, I was starving. Normally I have an apple or two when I get into camp, but I needed more than that today. So I hopped on my bike and went to Subway to get MORE FOOD. It is the first time I had to do that, but it was still early in the afternoon and I knew I couldn't wait until dinner and I wanted Subway!!!!!

The weather was glorious today - just couldn't ask for a better cycling day. We have started a play list of songs that would be appropriate for this trip. While we have many of the usual - Alberta Bound, I Can See for Miles, and many others - the song of the day was THE BEST DAY EVER!!!!!!    And it was!!!!!!!!!

There is a VERY LONG pedestrian bridge over the South Saskatchewan river and it was close to the campground. So I scooted off to that after my Subway and walked across. It was weird because M and I walked that bridge a couple of years ago. Lots of memories - but the view is spectacular.

The gate to get on the pedestrian bridge

Looking back at our campground (we had to go down that road on the middle left to get to the camp site)

Looking at the bridge from that hill!!!!

Our first birthday of the trip. It is Neal's birthday and what better way to celebrate than an ice cream cake There was only ONE left at the DQ and it had a teddy bear on it!!!!   Who cares - it was ice cream cake!!!   Neal was happy. Here Larry is trying to give Neal the double kiss on the cheek as they do in Quebec!!!!!   It worked when Rene Lise did it, but not so well when Larry tried!!!!

The birthday boy cutting his teddy bear birthday cake!!!!!!    HEY - it still tasted great!!!!!
Here is another of Bill's sisters. This is Donna. HI DONNA!!!!!!    Remember those pictures that Jacqui took of Bill hiding in the bushes - well Jacqui didn't send them to me, but Donna did. I will post them in a bit. I have to download them first. THANKS Donna. Oh Bill wasn't hiding in the bushes - Jacqui was hiding when she took them!!!!!
In case you are wondering how we keep everything charged - here is our charging station in the truck. It looks like a big centipede with all those wires hanging from it. 
This is Rene Lise. This was her LAST day of riding. She had signed on to just do part of the trip and so last day!!!!!!   Sad - she will be missed. She was an integral part of The French Connection!!!!!!
This is Jacquie. Jacquie had to leave us at Banff. She had had some issues with her knee and just felt that it wasn't a good thing to continue. She may or may not be rejoining us at some point in the tour. Hope your knee is getting better!!!!!!!

No - we have not had to call in the HAZ-MAT squad. This is Alain. Now you know that the mosquitoes have been really bad. Well if you didn't know that - now you do. Alain brought these overalls from the automotive shop and I'm thinking it might be good to get one!!!!!!

Then back to camp where I just relaxed. I love relaxing!!!!!!

And that pretty much sums up another day.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(And that was as far as I got caught up on my day off) - still THREE days behind. Will catch up as I can. And try to get some stats to you. Again if you want to be more in the loop - I post on Facebook everyday - well everyday we have cell service which so far has been not bad. Look me up - Elaine Theriault.

I'm off to bed!!!!!   Too much drinking and eating on this day off!!!!!

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  1. Simply amazing progress, Elaine!
    I have given you an infinite number
    gold medals already for your determination,
    spirit, focus, working on your
    Tour du Canada.