Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Day 21 - Rest Day - Regina

Yes - I have a LOT of catching up to do. Let's just say that communications in Manitoba were a little sketchy at times. Was hard to get some cell service at times as well.

So back to the rest day in Regina. Well technically Moose Jaw for me.

Last night we chatted on the front porch, we had wine and then I had to crash.

After having a wonderful sleep in a real bed (and I just love Jeanne and Jim's house). It is the ONLY house that I know (including my own) where you just feel at home. And there are quilts everywhere.

Sat around and chatted with Jim for a bit and then we went down to the fitness training center where he teaches spin classes. But these are not just any ordinary spin classes - OH NO - you take your own bike, hook it up to the CompuTrainer and pedal away. It really is quite neat. I must say that I have something similiar at home and have never hooked it up.
I think I just might do that when I get home.

Then I wandered around Moose Jaw for a bit. I feel like I know that town and I have only been there a couple of times. Checked out the "other" two quilt stores - yes how this town can support THREE quilt stores is beyond me. First one, I did not buy anything. Yes - I am slowly going down hill. The second one, I bought a pattern. And the third one - the Quilt Patch - well - I had to send the parcel home!!!!!!   Now I did not go crazy and I know you all wanted me to buy you something, BUT - don't forget The Quilt Patch will be at the CreativFestival in October. Then I'll pick up a few more things. However I really really must get some of the other kits done from them BEFORE I buy more???????

I really really love The Quilt Patch and sorry I won't be there for the outdoor quilt show this coming Sunday. It just has a beautiful feel to it. Well if you go to their booth at the CreativFestival - it feels just the same as the store. The next best thing to being there. PLUS - I got their new book and I LOVE IT!!!!!   I can't wait to get home and something from it.

Had lunch at the little cafe across the street. Hey M - do you remember that place?????   Well I had something to eat and  I saw the milk shakes so I thought - why not. OMG - the milkshake was HUGE and I thought I was going to burst when I left.

I had a look in all the little stores trying to find a souvenir patch for the province of Saskatchewan. I had picked up one in BC and Alberta, but there was NONE to be found in Moose Jaw. I have asked my Mom to try and find one to add to the collection.

HEY M - I got a new GORGEOUS bracelet. I saw someone with the bracelet while I was shopping around. I KNEW exactly where they got it, so I went there and sure enough - there was the bracelet. When I saw this design, I knew it was for me.

Back to the house to get a bit of blogging done, but then people starting arriving for a BBQ. I got to see people that I had done the Tour Pacific (2011) with - Larry and Eve and of course Jim.
It was great to see them.. Of course some of the girls from the shop were there, husbands or wives. I felt like I was at HOME!!!!!!   And Jim, Larry, Tim (Shelley's husband) and Mark (who also did the Tour Pacific in 2011, but lives in BC) are doing the Tour Atlantic this year. Unfortuantely we will NOT get to see them. The two trips do not cross paths, although we are about one day away from each other. BUT - one day on a bike is a LONG way.

It was hot, so very nice to NOT be riding a bike.

As I write this, we are in a new campground (obviously) and the laundry opened at 8 AM. So I was down here at 7:30 just to make sure that I got my laundry done first thing as I am meeting someone (can't tell you who yet) at 9:30 AM.  But ONLY for coffee - my priority today is to update the blog.

OK - off to edit a couple of pictures and get this blog posted.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(SORRY - there just isn't enough bandwidth at this site to load the picures). DRAT!!!!!!!

I might zip down to Tim's later today and try and load some of them. I HATE being behind.   Could be an extended lunch. I better take up drinking coffee!!!!!!!

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