Monday, July 29, 2013

Day 32 - Quetico - Thunder Bay

It was cold last night and had to sleep in my sleeping bag and by morning, the sleeping bag was fully zipped up. And No mosquitos.

We were in isolated camp sites last night. Well three to a campsite rather than all in one group. I woke up at one point and heard Fred snoring so I put my ear plugs in. Then  when I woke up LATE - I see he had already taken down his tent and I heard NOTHING. But I was only a few minutes late so that was OK.

I rode with Michel and Neil for a bit, but seemed to have no energy. None of us did.

The ride was a discouraging one today as there were very few services along the way. Being able to stop for a tea or muffin just breaks up the day.

Then we turned a corner and there was a little restaurant at the side where most everyone was stopped. I left before Michel and Neil did. Then seven K from the Kakabecka Falls, Neil passes me on the uphill. I wasn't going to lose him, so I pedaled my butt off to stay behind him. We had to pedal down the hills. And why is that - oh yes - another head wind. I mean I thought there were supposed to be prevailing, west to east winds. NOT SO!!!!!  Anyway - the chase was a nice diversion from the slog into the headwind.   It was a tough day for most people including me.

We stopped in at the Falls which were beautiful, but a very weird amber colour. Not sure if that was because of the rock under the water or what. Even the spray of the water was amber.

At one point, we came across a road detour. We chatted to a local who said - take the detour as there was a bridge out on the closed road. OK - so we took the detour which involved a bit of gravel road, but not too bad. Rob decided to take the closed road and had to FORD a river!!!!!!   Well a big stream, but he had his shoes and socks off. It was pretty funny!!!!  Too bad there are no pictures.

We got to sleep indoors tonight!!!!!   Oh my goodness - I almost forgot what it feels like to be inside, let alone sleep inside. While it was nice to be indoors, it was very disruptive to the routine!!!!!

There was no WiFi, but there was internet. That meant that I could not use my tablet and had to settle for the computer in the lobby of the campus.

All day - we saw rocks and trees, then trees and rocks. Then some more rocks and trees and trees and rocks. Oh yes - it was an exciting day!!!!!

We cycled 630K in the last 4 days. Yep - my legs are tired and ready for a rest day tomorrow. We also had a time change happen today so that added to the confusion of what time it really was since my phone could not update the time. And we stay on old time for the day of the time change to help get everyone in and fed at a decent time.

Once I was in the room, (a double room all to myself), my bags exploded and there was a huge mess of stuff everywhere. How I manage to keep it altogether on the road is beyond me.

Had a nice shower with a nice white FLUFFY towel. Oh my - and my feet stayed clean AFTER I got out of the shower. I'm in heaven!!!!!!

Had cell service and managed to update FAcebook through the phone. Just so nice to have service after being so isolated.

We had a great dinner that was cooked indoors by the cook crew. They were staying in a townhouse while the rest of us were in the dorms.

Need a good sleep tonight although it is HOT in the rooms.

And that's it for another day!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!


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