Monday, July 22, 2013

Mini update - Number 3

It is a REST DAY - a well deserved rest day!!!!!!  

I am sitting inside a nice warm, cozy DRY place while it rains outside and I DO NOT care!!!!!   While we have internet, there is no WiFi, so my tablet is useless, however there is a computer in the lobby and for the moment I am in command of the computer. I managed to download all my information on the Garmin. Whew - for a bit, I thought the data was toast, but no it is there. Now that it is all downloaded, I need to reset the darn device so hopefully I won't have problems for the rest of the trip.

While I was in with the data, I pulled these "official" numbers.

26 riding days
3,460.53 KM
154.36 hours of riding
Average speed 22.4 KPH
Total elevation gain - 17,207 M
Total elevation loss - 17,142 M
Average distance - 133 K
Calories - 104,441

Now I know you are wondering - have I lost weight????  I don't think so. We are eating too well!!!!!   I won't know officially until I get home in a couple of weeks and check out the "official" scale.

I am listening to the weather in the background - that is on the TV in the lobby. It sounds like there is crazy weather everywhere. And the Royal Baby's birth is soon to happen or so I heard on the TV when I was having breakfast!!!!

Well - I must run and put my wet laundry in the dryer. Then I will be back to try and catch up on the blog.

What I would really like is a HOT CHOCOLATE. There is a Tim's very close by - but it is raining and I don't want to get wet!!!!!

I already got soaked this morning as I had to get laundry soap off the truck and just as I reach the truck, it started to pour buckets. Hmmmm  - what to do - what to do? Run to the nearest building which wasn't that close, or get the key out and unlock the truck and roll up the door and huddle inside. I hesitated a moment and then unlocked the truck and got inside!!!!!!   HEY - I'm no weenie!!!! (OK - so I am, but that option just made the most sense!!!)

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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