Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Day 13 - Banff - Airdrie

Today was the day that we have been anticipating for a while. Would we have to detour through or around Canmore????  Which was the site of some very severe flooding a couple of weeks ago. We were given the clear that we could ride our bikes the entire way through BUT not on the bike path. And why would that be????  Have a look.................

YES - the bridge to the bike path is GONE!!!!!!

Just totally GONE!!!!!!   The flood took a LOT of fencing with it in this area!!!!!  
And in another area, the bike path was completely covered by the water for quite a length.

As we got closer to Canmore, we could see the mess on both sides of the highway. It is hard to show you, but here is one picture and there was construction (or rebuilding) of the roads going on all over.

A section of highway that had to be rebuilt!

The forecast for the day was HOT and the forecast for once was RIGHT on. I think with the humidity, it was in the 40s, which is never fun especially when you have to be outside in it. But as long as I kept drinking and moving, I wasn't too bad.

We had a VERY early breakfast and I think we were gone by 7 AM. The first 80K were a breeze. I felt guilty almost since we had a tailwind (yes a real tailwind) and a slight downhill. We were cruising along at 40 K an hour.

Then Neil and his damn ice cream!!!!!   We stopped in Cochrane for ice cream at a great little place that Neil knew. On the way into town, I spotted a quilt store - Addie's. I had ice cream and while Michel and Neil were finishing up, I headed down to the quilt store to buy a FQ. I know - one teeny tiny scrap of fabric!!!!!

As we headed north we ran into problems. Neil got a flat tire. So I am standing on the side of the road (half way up a hill) while Neil changed the tire and Michel helped. Can't have too many mechanics in the garage!!!!!

Well - let's just say that the last 60 K was a SLOG. There was climbing and then there was more climbing. Now we are not talking about the mountains, but with the heat - I was wishing I was back in Golden and climbing out of it!!!!!

The biggest issue of the day was would we run out of water which would NOT have been a good thing. I only have two water bottles on my bike and I was getting worried since I was in such a hurry when I left the ice cream store, that I did not fill up my bottles like Michel and Neil.

We spotted a gas station and went in and they had an ice machine and cold water. So I filled my bottles with ice and water and that was a great pick me up - to have that ice water.

When we finally arrived at the camping site for the night I was HOT, I was dirty, I was thirsty, I was hungry, I was mosquito bitten and well I just didn't feel all happy. But it was mostly from the sun. Once I got my tent up, had a shower and something to eat and drink, I laid on the grass and had a snooze and I felt much better after that. Of course - I was in the shade!!!!!!

It was like family day at camp. Michel's wife (Nicole) and various other family members dropped by.

Michel and some of his family and friends who came to visit
He went out for dinner which was a nice break, although I can't complain about the food one bit!!!!!

Then Bill had his family visit as well. His parents, brother and sister who all live nearby our stop last night. Now I have to say that Bill is quite the character. He is a tattoo artist which is something new to me, but Bill is the sweetest guy (despite what he says about his earlier life!!!). He is unique, funny and a good story teller which was confirmed by his mom!!!

Bill and his sister Jacqui
Hi Jacqui!!!!!   Now Jacqui is apparently a stalker photographer?????  She says she was hiding in some bushes so she could take pictures of us. Now the real question is - is she a story teller like her brother??????   Leave me a comment Jacqui and I'll send you my e-mail so you can send me the photo!!!!!!!   Sounds like the entire family have some AMAZING stories to tell!!!!!!

Bill's brother brought  ICE CREAM for our dessert. So I had ICE CREAM for the second time that day. I DO NOT eat ice cream at home.

And then to top it off, Yukon Greig brings his family around for a visit and they bring fudgesicles. So YES - I had one of those!!!!!!!!!!!!  OH MY GOD - I have never eaten so much ice cream in a LONG time. I hope we don't have ice cream for a while!!!!!!

While I can deal with all the things we are going through - the heat, the cycling day after day - the one thing I HATE are the mosquitoes. I mean - they are VISCIOUS and I can't stop scratching even with AFTER BITE. I would have to shower with AFTER BITE in order to stop and maybe even then. I am trying to keep the bug spray on, but it is hard. They have mostly gone for my legs. OUCH!!!!!!!

Here we are waiting for dinner. Many doing yoga or some other form of stretching!!!

Well that pretty much covers yesterday. I see it is almost time for dinner. My laundry is washed, but needs to be hung on the line to dry.

We have a rest day tomorrow which will be quite welcome.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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