Monday, July 22, 2013

Day 27 - Beausejour - Kenora

We had a massive thunder and lightening storm last night. Loads of brilliant lightening. Too bad I couldn't really appreciate it as I was in my tent and it doesn't really have a good window. Probably just as well that I did NOT see the lightening.  It started about 3:30 AM and went on for a couple of hours. Lots of rain and as I am lying in bed, I realize that I forgot to put a bag on my bike seat. DRAT - now my leather seat is going to be soaked. Oh well - it was raining so hard, I was NOT going to get up and put the cover on the seat. Just suck it up and NEVER forget to do that in the future.

The rain stopped around 5 AM which was very convenient so we were able to have breakfast and do all our morning chores with no rain.

It was another LONG day - our longest so far - 178 K.

The roads improved as the day went on and once we hit Ontario - yes we hit ONTARIO today - the roads were much better. Hard to believe that we have ridden so far and we still haven't gotten half way across the country. We will be in Ontario for a couple of weeks.

Now you know that there are mosquitos around. Well there are deer flies, or horse flies, or black flies or just plain ugly old flies and all of them are a pain. You will be riding your bike with a SWARM of flies around. And they all like to bite. Especially your butt and legs. I managed to get a bite IN my ear which was a bit of a pain, but seems to be subsiding now. Just can't seem to stop itching and yes I know I shouldn't scratch, but after while you just have to give in!!!!!  

If you ride any slower than 30 K, those flies are everywhere. I HATE them.

It was another hot day - seems that every time we have a long day of riding, that the temperature is HOT. I had TWO liters of chocolate milk today. Just could NOT drink enough. At least there were places that we could stop at.

Neil successfully got us into camp again. This time we were coming into Kenora. Close to the end, I was tired and just wanted to get to camp. I was following Neil, but checking the map (I am earning the reputation of NOT trusting anyone - sorry - just don't want to do extra K if I don't have to). Then he took a turn and I was sure we were NOT in the right spot. However, he kept turning left and right and I knew he wasn't on the right path, but I didn't say anything. THEN I saw the signs for the campsite and then we arrived. OK - just sit back and shut up - which I did!!!!

We were on cook duty tonight and made macaroni and cheese. Everyone sat around after dinner and chatted. Something we don't normally do on the night before we ride. People have dinner and then go to bed. My legs were pretty tired after those two century rides, but no big deal. At dinner, I asked people if they had ever done back to back century rides before. To my surprise, many had NEVER done ONE century ride before. OK!

Although it was a hot day, it really was a glorious day to be riding.

Because of the heat in the day, it can be a tad toasty in the tent at night. I can't sleep in the sleeping bag so decided to use it as a blanket. But sleeping directly on the Thermarest would not be fun. So I slipped the Thermarest inside the sleeping bag liner and used the sleeping bag as a blanket (when I needed it) and I was set. Problem solved - ready for any temperature.

On that note - that is all for Day 27. Tomorrow is a rest day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Remarkable! You are making and making history
    each day! I really look forward to your blogs.
    THANK YOU!!!!!!