Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Day 25 - Minnedosa to Portage la Prairie

OK - ONE more posting and then I will try to catch up later this week.

The morning was fairly dry considering the rain we had last night. When I crawled out of the tent just before going to bed, the sky was clear. Hard to believe that it had been pouring just shortly before.

We had some bumpy roads today, but still made good time I am surprised at some of my average speeds (well hard to see them with that stupid computer), but over 20 most days and considering the conditions (wind and road and fatigue) and the distance, I am surprised. I guess I really am stronger than I thought I was.

Neal was on fire today and I had some trouble keeping up to him, but at least they waited for me. We tag teamed a lot of the others all day and that makes it interesting - at least breaks up the day.

Of course we stopped for the usual - chocolate milk. Can you believe that I can buy ONE LITRE of milk and pretty much chug it in about 5 minutes??????   I never thought I would be able to do that, but I do!!!!!   And YES - I drink right from the carton!!!!!!   Better watch out when I get back home.

We had to ride for about 7 KM along the Transcanada Highway and there was NO paved shoulder. So we rode the gravel shoulder. That was NOT fun, but it was fine. We had a beautiful spot to camp in Portage, although again there was NO WiFi. Seems to be a trend. I think I had more access on all the other trips than this one. But then - the trip isn't about blogging - it is about riding and I do take notes - otherwise it would all blend into one big bike ride!!!!!

I LOVE getting into camp early. You can get the tent set up - you can have a shower and relax. I love that.  Aussie Greg and Megan are usually first, Yukon Greig is usually near the front and then Neal, Michel and I wander in. But not always. We change things up a bit!

I managed to get a geocache in Manitoba. That was one of my goals. I don't usually visit the province of Manitoba and had not found a geocache in the province.  I snagged an easy one in the parking lot of the site where we were staying. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Just ONE more province to go (NFLD) and I will have all ten provinces.

Oh yes - I forgot to tell you about the animals as I took a picture to remind myself. A couple of days ago, I found a couple of stuffed animals along the road. I kept the small one (a dog) for myself) and gave the bigger one to Mike. It was black and brown and although it is a dog - it was to represent the bears he saw in BC. So the dog is called Beary!!!!  Anyway George came out of the closet (handlebar bag) and now rides up front with his new friend - DOG!   When we arrived in camp - I realized that DOG was missing. He must have bounced out of my handlebars while we were on the crappy road.    Not to worry - Allain found him and brought  him home. OK - this story would be MUCH better with pictures - so just  use your imagination!!!!

No WiFi again!!!!!!

I am actually in pretty good shape - no major issues. I thought chaffing might become a problem, but so far so good. Let's keep our fingers crossed on that one.

Clark lives in Winnipeg so he went home the night before (his wife Carol) brought us cinnamon buns and Mike had ONE MORE - that made FIVE in one day!!!!!!   Myra's sister came to visit.

And can you believe that Neal missed an opportunity for ice cream????   We were looking for a street and he was so focused on that and wanting to turn LEFT when we were supposed to be turning RIGHT - that he completely missed DQ!!!!!!

We did 132 K on the day - this was one of those days when you are so glad to be on a bike!!!!!!

OK - I still have TWO riding days and our rest day to do, but I am tired of being inside and going out to enjoy the rest of the day. Hopefully we will have decent access to internet on this upcoming segment (which is four days), but we should be good at the next rest stop - might even manage a few pictures as well. I'll keep you posted if I get the pictures up.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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