Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Day 11 - Golden to Lake Louise

We haven't had Wi-Fi for a couple of days so I made some notes and will try to catch up now.

When we left Golden, the day started off cold and misty. I was NOT looking forward to the  climb out of Golden, but as Ginny said, the climb was NOT as bad as I thought it would be. Yes there were hills, but none of them were that steep and they did not last that long. There were lots of ups and downs. Then the sun came out and the day was glorious!!!!!!

Waiting for Neal and Michel in the morning

Looking back down into Golden

We stopped in Field to have a drink and use the washrooms, but there was NO POWER in the valley. That is hilarious since the last time I was in this valley (two years ago), there was  NO POWER in the valley then. Seems to be a regular occurence or maybe it is just me!!!!

We had TWO climbs in the day - out of Golden and Kicking Horse Pass. While the climb to Kicking Horse was long, it really wasn't that big of a deal. Just gear down and climb!!!!!

Now in case you are wondering how we manage to do all that climbing - well the bike is just the same as a car - it has gears. I think I have about 30 gears on the bike and I haven't had to use all of them - well a couple of times, I geared right down, but not often. I am definitely stronger than I have been in the last couple of years.

We passed the spiral tunnels, but were told that we weren't likely to see a train because of the electricity issue. They had to get on the tracks to repair the damaged poles.

We were on cook duty so when we arrived we got out tents set up, had a shower and then got busy chopping. Made ceasar salad (including the dressing) and a vegetarian chili. It just took a lot of time and then we had to make a cake which in theory worked, but in reality - it didn't. I think I was more tired of the cooking than the riding!!!!

The important part of the day - we passed into Alberta. However the big disappointment was that we were going to take the old highway 1A which at this point is a path. However we arrived to find the road closed due to bears. So we opted to stay on the main highway.

Others ignored the signs and then got to see the continental divide and BEARS!!!!!!

At the top of Kicking Horse Pass - we stopped at Great Divide Lodge and had TWO glasses of orange pop

Because of the constructions at the border, there was NO SIGN announcing that we arrived in Alberta. I was a bit disappointed by that!!!!!!!

This was the first road sign that we saw in Alberta

The camp ground in Lake Louise is pretty neat. I didn't take any pictures, but essentially there is an electrified fence around the tenting area to keep the bears out. Our truck was on the other side of the river and therefore it took a bit of walking to get back and forth. And there was  texas gate to cross so it was best to go through the pedestrian gate. If you rode over the gate then it was like scrambling your brain!!!!!!

On that note - I am out of here. I am two days behind and hopefully will catch up once we arrive at our rest stop in Drumheller. One more day of riding before that happens.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!


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