Saturday, June 29, 2013

Day Ten - Golden - Rest Day

Yes a rest day!!!!!!!   That means we get to sleep in which was a good thing since I did not get to sleep until quite late. For some reason, I just couldn't get to sleep. No snoring, no trains - just couldn't sleep. 

Finally got up and had some breakfast - cold cereal and most of the group was up already doing laundry and starting to clean their bikes. 

Our camp site soon resembled a laundry.

Laundry hanging everywhere in the camp site

Now our  camp site is a ways from where the truck is parked so we can have access to a nice pavilion to sit under. And I snapped Myra walking back to the campsite with her laundry.

Myra with her laundry

Got myself organized and cleaned my bike. OK - so I got rid of some surface dirt, cleaned and oiled the chain and that is about the extent of that. 

Cleaning up the bike
My philosophy is that if nothing is broken - then no reason to tweak anything!!!

This is Rob's (from the UK) SMALL bike. It isn't technically a folding bike - it comes apart in two pieces. But look at the size of the tires and then look at the front gear set. Almost the same SIZE!!!!!!

Big horned sheep

We had a bit of excitement in camp this afternoon when a small herd of big horned sheep came down the mountain side. They are in the middle of the picture above - I couldn't get any closer, but hopefully you can open the picture and see them. 

And the other bit of excitement was the Rocky Mountaineer Train that was stopped on the tracks across the river. 

Rocky Mountaineer Train (gosh - is that the name????)

I read for most of the afternoon. I brought five books and have already gone through three. Yikes - there are some books on the truck so I will have a look at those, got some magazines with me and then may have to hit a used book store. Got lots more sitting at home - I will have to stock up when I get to the Toronto area. I believe that date is August 3 or 4 - something like that. Still haven't made up my mind if I am going home or not. 

Our other excitement of the day - we started with a beautiful sunny day and then it got cloudier and then it got colder and then BANG - we were in the middle of a BIG thunderstorm.

It was POURING rain

Every one huddled in the pavilion. But thank goodness for the shelter

Haven't been to my tent yet so hopefully everything stayed dry today.

This is the inside of our truck. A bit full right now since a lot of stuff that usually gets off loaded did not get offloaded. 

My shelf on the truck. 

And Irene cleaned out the fridge today.  Yes - we are a good group!!!!!

Here is a photo of one of the MANY streams that we passed. Amazing the difference in temperature when you pass these streams.

Went to the grocery store to get a sandwich for lunch and just got back from having a great burger at a local restaurant. 

I see someone just brought back ice cream. While I am not an ice cream fan - I may have some. Sorry Anna!!!!!  I'll pretend I am you!!!!

Going to go to bed soon and hopefully get a decent sleep. Now looking forward to that climb out of here tomorrow. But my new motto is - gear down and suck it up!!!!!!!

Have a great day


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