Saturday, June 1, 2013

The packing starts......................

I needed to pick up a couple of things to make life more comfortable in camp. One of those being a chair. While there are picnic tables at all (or most) camp sites, it is a tad difficult to drag a picnic table to where you want to sit.

I could have purchased a regular folding lawn chair, but then I would have the hassle and weight of putting it in my luggage (not happening), I could try to find a regular folding lawn chair when I get to Vancouver - too difficult when you are in a strange city and have to rely on public transit - so nixed that idea. I checked out some small folding camp chairs, but still TOO BIG. Because not only do we have to deal with it up front, but  there is the question of what to do with the chair when we get to the end of the trip.

I really liked this small chair that Mike carried with him on previous trips. But have a look at the chair..............

It is definitely small, it is definitely portable, but only TWO legs. Your front legs offer the other support. I really didn't want that kind of chair and I thought it would be a pain to get in and out of. SO.................

I opted for this instead.......................

Comes in a nice little bag

All wrapped up so neat

Two pieces...............

That frame just SNAPS together practically by itself

Pop on the seat cover and VOILA - a perfect little chair. 

However when I was searching on MEC web site this morning for the picture of the two legged chair - LOOK WHAT I FOUND.........................

HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM - I think I shall be going back. I need to check out this chair to see which one I like best. I did NOT see those yesterday. It would appear that I am shopping LATE for my camping stuff as they were out of stock of stuff. In particular that camp cot that I wanted to try out.

You see there are a couple of important things that I need to check out - how durable is this cot? Will it withstand putting together and taking apart for 72 nights. How comfortable is it? Will it even fit in my tent which is pretty narrow at the bottom?????

LOTS and LOTS of questions about this - I must say that the staff were NOT as knowledgeable as I would have liked at the store. Perhaps the person was new. Anyway - the cots are coming in in 10 days so I will go back then and look at the chairs. But this time - I am doing some more research online BEFORE I go. And I will PRINT out the ones that I want to look at - there are THREE different ones. DUH - should have done that before, but expected everything online to be in the store - I should KNOW better.

I did find a couple of other useful things while I was at MEC.

Big orange T-shirt with bikes on it - a great sleeping shirt

And I broke down and bought one of these DORKY things. Any idea??????

NOT a hat for Sherlock Holmes so he can ride his bike, but a rain hat that fits over the helmet. YES - just face the fact that it is GOING TO RAIN while we are on the trip. I was envious a couple of years ago when I saw a number of the Saskatchewan team wearing their dorky yellow rain hats. I thought what a great idea to keep the rain off your face and prevents it from going down the back of your jacket.

So - I am ALMOST done shopping. My bike is serviced, got a box to pack it in. Just have to get a couple of extra tubes for the tires - I forgot that when I was at at the bike shop. I need a cot or new thermarest, a dust pan and whisk for house keeping, and a pillow. Still undecided if I will get a full sized regular pillow or go for a camp version. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm   - no experience with the pillows, but I thought I would try them out at the same time as the cot.

Was digging through the toiletries the other day and got them partly organized. I am getting there and I should be - I leave in TWO WEEKS. ACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

I have another entry to post today but I MUST get to the garden NOW.

Have a great day...............


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  1. Hi Elaine, Love your blog. Have a great time on your trip.