Friday, June 14, 2013

The mother of all TO DO lists

In case you are wondering what is happening in my life today - well have a look at this..................

It is PROM day at our house. And I woke up to this list. Never mind that I am already going nuts with the sashes - more on those another time and the customer stuff that is almost done.

I am managing to sneak in a few spare minutes BETWEEN my "TO DOs" so I can post a couple of pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I laughed - but we (I) have done the first two things on the list. Picked up the dress - looks AMAZING - dropped M off at the spa for the day and AT LAST - I have peace and quiet.

Well not exactly - I had better get the things done on her list or I am in BIG trouble. We have 60 people arriving at 4 PM. ACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the sashes are being presented at 10 PM. HECK - I have loads of time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    When I have a few minutes later tonight - I will tell you the story - it is pretty funny and my new motto - K.I.S.S.  - that is all I can say - K.I.S.S.

In case you are wondering about the quilts - yes I am still working on those as well. I managed to get BOTH quilts basted and they are already delivered.

Basted quilt

I got another quilt quilted yesterday .

Customer quilt - trimmed and the binding is stitched on. Just need to add a couple of sew on patches and this one is DONE. 

That leaves ONE quilt left to quilt and ONE small table runner that a good customer of mine popped by with. I couldn't say no. Well I could have, but she was desperate and brings me lots of stuff.

And look at these ADORABLE serviettes that Lois brought me at the pot luck. I LOVE THEM - will save for a special occasion when I get back. Can't save them forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  OH - I know exactly what to do with a few of them. Can't tell you.

On that note - I have a busy day and there is NO TIME on that agenda for blogging. God forbid that she sees me sitting down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Can't imagine what it will be like when she gets married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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