Monday, June 24, 2013

Day Five - Rest Day

Yes it is a rest day. I am not doing much of anything - gosh without those wheels beneath me I am TIRED. Of course it could have been that hot chocolate and scone that got to me.

As I lay in my tent last night after going to bed rather late because of yakking to Aussie Greg, I realized that the sawmill that is close by works around the clock!!!!  Yep - I could hear some motor thing going every time I woke up. But not to worry - I went right back to sleep. That cot was a good investment.

Of course at some point, I woke up to hear PITTER PATTER on the tent and thought OH NO - not rain. Yep - it was raining and it sounded like a LOT of rain. Well better it rain on  a rest day than a riding day.

I decided to get up and face the day around 7 and when I exited the tent - things were wet, but it wasn't really raining that hard. Had some cereal for breakfast and sat around and chatted until the laundromat was open. Got my clothes all clean and ready for the next couple of days - got my daily clothes bags ready (thanks to Jim) and I figure I am good to do laundry every THREE riding days.

Then I was off to do a bit of shopping. Found a bank - better yet - found my bank so I didn't have to pay that dratted $1.50 fee. Off to the dollar store to pick up a few items including an item which I hope to jerry rig on the bike as a fender. You will laugh when you see it. Can you guess what it could be????  Has to do with water. Then to the grocery store to stock up a few things - all healthy as well, but we have so much to eat on the truck that there wasn't a need - just a few little treats for me.

Found a little coffee shop where I had a hot chocolate and a scone. Doing a lot of reading which is good and maybe that made me sleepy! But I might just have to have a nap this afternoon. I will set a timer because I want to be able to sleep tonight.

I am loving my new bike computer. I get into camp - enable the bluetooth so it connects to my phone. Then the data is IMMEDIATELY uploaded to the internet. It is so painless - well it just the slickest thing. And I found out this morning, that I can share that link painlessly via e-mail or text message. I mean it just doesn't get any easier than that!!!!!!  I have to remember to turn the bluetooth off because it does use a lot of battery power on the computer and my phone.

Here are some of the numbers so you can get some idea of what we are doing.......

Day One - Vancouver to Mission - 90.31 K
Took 4.32 hours of riding time
Maximum speed was 46.7 KPH (obviously on a downhill)
Average speed 19.9
Gained altitude of 520 M
Loss altitude of 612 M
Maximum altitude 109 M
Calories burned (according to the formula based on my stats) 2,602

Day Two - Mission to Hope - 97.42 K
Took 4.53 hours of riding time
Maximum speed was 60.6 KPH (obviously a bigger hill than the previous day)
Average speed 19.9
Gained altitude of 530 M
Lost altitude of 349 M
Maximum altitude 184 M
Calories burned 2,763

Day Three - Hope to Merritt - 111.18 K
Took 5.46 hours of riding time
Maximum speed was 72.2 KPH   (obviously a REALLY REALLY BIG hill)
Average speed 19.3 (not bad considering all the climbing we did)
Gained altitude of 1,461 M
Lost altitude of 1,032 M
Maximum altitude 1,276 M (I think my numbers are about 30 M too high)
Calories burned 3,826

That makes a total of 299 K. The total of our trip is around  7,632 K (Bud miles) - - so there are still a LOT of KM to go.

The bike computer also puts together charts showing the actual climbs which are pretty cool. If you want me to send it to you - let me know. Text me and I will forward it to you when I can.

The battery on my phone isn't the greatest these days - I got the stupid phone wet before I left and I am contemplating getting a new one, but haven't bit the bullet yet.

I know my biggest struggle on this trip is going to be staying hydrated. I am not the best at drinking enough. So I have my big jug (ONE LITER) of chocolate milk here and trying to drink it and some water to keep up the fluids.

Bought a puzzle book at the dollar store (forgot to bring that with me) and I might just even crack out some other things to do this afternoon.

Still no word on whether we have to change our route or not - we are not scheduled to hit the Alberta border for a week (or something like that) so things may be somewhat in order for a bicycle to pass.

The rain has stopped and although it is cloudy, it is a nice day and things are drying up. Ooops - spoke too soon - the darn rain has started again, but I am comfy in the rec hall and no need to go out. And I am getting used to this little keyboard so things are going GREAT!!!!!!!!

On that note - I will catch up with you tomorrow. Got to make sure everything is charged up and ready to go!!!!!!   I am very much organized this trip.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!


Miss you all back home - but I don't miss the weather - I hear it is brutal. Take care and drink lots!!!!!!!

On that note - have a great da

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