Monday, June 17, 2013

What I did on my day off.........

Well I said I wasn't going to blog and I lied. While I have some time, I decided I had better try and figure out how to load pictures. I am not certain I have figured it out, so here goes.    YEAH it WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I have no idea how much space these pictures are taking, but I did resize them so hopefully I am OK. I LOVE my ASUS tablet. Except the keyboard and I think that is because I keep resting my fingers on the touch pad - it is very sensitive.

I decided to take a trip to Granville Island.

 Now I know you are wondering why I went there. Well two reasons - the quilt store that used to be close to the University has moved to Granville Island.

Ganville Island - here I come

I wondered around for a while and came across The Cloth Shop

The Cloth Shop
I love this little store. It is much smaller than it used to be. They no longer teach classes - just sell fabric, some books and patterns. The ladies remembered me!!!!!   And why did they remember me???   Well remember those FLATS (the fabric dolls I carried with me to the Arctic) I took pictures of them in the old store and the owner remembered!!!!   How could you forget a crazy lady carrying dolls with her on a bike trip. Well I have learned - NO EXCESS stuff so the flats stayed home.

The other reason I came here (OK - so it was mostly because of the quilt store and I splurged and bought TWO fat quarters. TWO!!!!!!   ) - it was easy to get to by bus. One bus - 25 minutes and $2.75 - and I was there!!!!!

Granville Island is a pretty neat place. I had an amazing goat cheese omelet for lunch, saw LOADS I would love to have bought - but alas - no room.

Even the cement trucks were dressed up for the Granville Market!!!!!!   Pretty cool place to advertise!!!!

The other cyclists are slowing trickling in. I have met a few of them and not sure how many of us are going to Victoria tomorrow.

Here is my bike and all my crap in the room. Yes - a nice cozy little dorm room. Soon we will be out on the road!!!!  
Went out to dinner with Michel and Neil - the two Albertans on our trip. Met Myra who is in the same dorm suite as myself. Saw a couple of others as well. I think we are going to have a great group.

The big thing now is - can I remember how I got those pictures from my camera to this blog??????   With my limited brain power these days - it may not always work!!!!!

Now I think I am going to go to bed - we have to ride our bikes tomorrow. And it sounds like we have loads of technology on this trip - iPads, Net books, tablets  -you name it - so far - we are all connected.

And if you want to read another aspect of the same trip - here is the link to Neil's blog

Neil's blog

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!


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