Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Day Six - Merritt to Kamloops (well near Kamloops)

What a day!!!!!!!!!!    I wish I could explain to you the freedom of cycling. The wind in your hair (OK - so I was wearing a helmet)  how about the wind on your face, good company, a full stomach, strong riding legs, no rain, the wind at your back and EXCELLENT roads. Honestly - makes me feel like a kid!!!!   I am forever thankful to my family for letting me escape this summer. I have a feeling I might be forever indebted to them when I get back home.

We started a bit late this morning as it was Crew Number three turn to make breakfast. The day started weird for me. I woke up at five (I HAD to put earplugs in last night - I just couldn't take the noise of the sawmill. It wasn't bad, but every once in a while I need silence to sleep. The ear plugs deadened the noise enough so I went to sleep. So I woke up at five. Turned over and went back to sleep. When I reawoke - I couldn't figure out why so many people were making so much noise. Turns out it was 6:15 and I was supposed to be up at 6 to help with breakfast. Thank goodness, I am quick because I was up and helping with breakfast pretty fast.

We made pancakes and oatmeal. YUM!!!!!!   I wish I had a pancake now. OH HEY - I still have  have a piece of quesdilla in the fridge from our dinner out last night. Give me a moment while I get that.

Yum - cold quesdilla!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway - we finally left camp at almost nine AM. It was a relatively short day - only 89 K and very little climbing. And the roads were awesome. Smooth (for the most part), rolling hills and only one steep climb that lasted a couple of KM near the end.

(Anna, Diane, Mike - you would recognize 100% of the road today. Even the spot where we had to change my flat tire. It was fun!!!!!)

We really have an AMAZING group of people - ALL the participants, everyone is so helpful and considerate. It is really is such an amazing experience. I just wish I could convey that to you all. Unfortunately it is one of those things that you need to experience in order to know what I mean.

OK - so you want to see my invention for my bike?????   Well I do have fenders for my bike, but I did not bring them. In the past, I carried the trunk (a bag) on my bike and when it rained, that was enough to keep my butt dry. This year (thanks to Mike and George), I did not bring the trunk and my bottom got a bit wet in the rain the other day. So off to the dollar store to try and find something that would work.

Have a look..............
It's a FLENDER!!!!!!!

Fits perfect, cost $1.25, and I got a spare!!!!!!

Everyone said I was creative, but I am just cheap!!!!!!  We have all had a good laugh over it anyway!!!!!!

When I did the Tour Pacific a couple of years ago, we followed this route on one of the days. And for some reason, I missed the  Quilchena Hotel. How I missed this HUGE beautiful old building is beyond me. But we stopped for coffee and had apple muffins which were awesome.

Me in front of the Quilchena Hotel

Has some beautiful old pictures inside the building and the furnishings are amazing. Just bizarre that it is out in the middle of nowhere. But at one time, it was probably on a very popular route.

There were very few places to stop along the way, so we had to eat lunch on the side of the road.

Having lunch

We made some pretty good time today. I can't believe I kept up to the guys riding at over 30K an hour but as I said the roads were amazing. However for the last half, some of us slowed down a bit. I want to make sure that I have legs for the next couple of days as we have some major climbing to do.

I am going to run and get the stats of the day for you. The phone is charging. Wait a minute................

Total riding time: 3 hours, 45 minutes
Distance - 88.66 KM
Average speed -23.6 (not many down hills - just fast day)
Calories - 2,984
Max speed - 51.7 (ooops - guess there must have been at least one good downhill)

Elevation Gain - 668 M
Elevation Loss - 481 M
Min elevation - 603 M
Max elevation - 909 M

We didn't really have rain today, but we did get a small shower. The day started out sunny then clouded over. Now it is sort of raining in the campground so Fred and I are huddled in the kids playhouse in the RV campground doing the internet thing. Pretty funny. I took pictures which I will post tomorrow.

On that note - I am off to just relax, maybe read or just veg out.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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