Friday, June 28, 2013

Day Eight - Salmon Arm - Albert Canyon

What can I say! I DO NOT learn. The previous day I did NOT have my rain jacket and decided that I did NOT need it again today. However I was proven wrong!

First though - here are some pictures from our campground last night.

The back of the truck - IN THE MUD. The campground - well the area around the truck was pretty muddy

Everyone sitting around at dinner

This is Jay and Len and me. Jay and Len met up with us in Salmon Arm. They are vets. It was great to hear their stories and knowing that some day we will be in their shoes. Well we will be next year!!!!!   And yes I was freezing so I had many layers of clothes on including my down sweater!!!!

This is Becky's foot AFTER she had a shower 
Yes - there was a lot of mud and it was just WET. The joys of camping!!!!!

And the washrooms were UP the hill. You can see the truck down below

Anyway - the day started out cloudy. We got to Three Valley Gap  around lunch time. It had started to spit but not really raining. Since it was a coolish day, we decided to stop for some hot soup. And of course while we were inside, it started to rain. 

Now the problem is that I do have a BIG rain jacket, but since I am travelling light, I don't really have a place to put the jacket. I decided to go with just my wind breaker. And it was a bit of a cool day. 

After our soup, we headed out but not before Michel and Neal suited up in their rain gear. I felt left out!!!!!   But lucky for me - it didn't really rain much after that and I was OK. I could have used an extra layer for warmth, but I was fine. 

We had some great hills to climb!!!!   But I was having a crappy day. Well not a bad day, but just wasn't my best. My breakfast didn't sit well with me (I wasn't sick) but just felt it in my stomach all day. Therefore, I did not eat enough, did not drink enough and my knee hurt because my leg muscles were tight. All my OWN fault. 

We were almost in Revelstoke when a car pulled up beside us. And then it pulled into a driveway ahead of us. It was a friend of Neal's who tracked him down. That really perked up my day and made me feel better. 

Then we stopped at the bike store in Revelstoke, where I managed to pick up a shrug for cycling. It is great - I had one, but seemed to have lost it on the Ride to Conquer Cancer. 

I needed it later on in the day when the temperature got rather chilly.

We did stop at Eagle's Pass where the Last Spike was driven in the CP Railway.

Eagle's Pass

This is a dedication monument at the Last Spike. It is quite neat because in the base is a stone from each of the provinces. I took pictures of a couple, but not going to load them now. 

At last we arrived at the campsite where the grass was wet. Yes - a definite theme going on here!!!!

HOWEVER - there was a HOT springs at this place and so that is where I spent a bit of time which is why I did not blog yesterday. I think that is a good reason to NOT blog. My muscles needed it and we had fun just chatting and relaxing. 

Everyone was in bed EARLY. I think I read until 9:30 and then I was gone too!!!!!!   I have been using my Thermarest (instead of the cot) the last couple of nights. It is a bit simpler to put up and down especially given the rain. 

Oh yes - I have a couple of road signs to show you..................

When you are in a car and you see this sign - you are HAPPY because you can pass that slow poke in front of you. However on a bike - this is BAD news because a passing lane usually means a HILL!!!!!
And this is a CYCLISTs friend. It means the hill climb is done!!!   Well almost!!!!!

On that note - I am out of here

Have a good day!!!!!!!!!!


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