Monday, June 17, 2013


At last is prom day. Well that was last Friday, but I was certainly happy to see the day arrive. There was the dress that had to get done, the sashes that had to get done and the garden. A heck of a lot of stress for a few hours. BUT - this is PROM and to a certain girl - it was a BIG deal. Everything worked out OK. My hair is a bit grayer, but M was over the moon and that makes me happy.

So here goes - this is all about the PROM

THE dress (yes I know that slit is high  - well too late to do anything about it

My little girl - all grown up!!!!!!!

That Sammy - just had to get in all the pictures

 Oh - let's not forget Sparky for she was around as well

The PROM girl and her date - HI BERKE!!!!   (thanks to Berke and his friend for helping to get the garden in order)  I couldn't have done it without their help.

M and Berke

Some of the girls and their beautiful gowns

A few of the couples

Let's have some fun with this

The girls

The girls again - I think M talked to all the girls to see what colour dresses they were having and then she chose something completely different so we couldn't miss her!!!!!!

I have to say that I was surprised when I saw one of the parents that showed up. I used to work with Nancy many years ago - same company that Sandra worked for. I knew Nancy lived in the neighbourhood, but I had forgotten that her son was the same age as M. And what are the chances that they would be hanging out!!!!

M and Berke AGAIN

OH let me stand on the other side so you can see my slit!!!!

Group shot of some of the grads and their dates

The party bus arrives

So neat inside, but the air conditioning wasn't working well and it was HOT on that bus

Getting ready to get on the bus - that is a LOT of grads and their dates

Ooops - we missed a few - OK - I think that is everyone now

Yes M - you stand out in your red dress

The parents taking pictures of their kids - I just missed a really good shot by a few minutes. Got to be quicker next time

Getting on the bus

On the bus - HOT HOT HOT

Then my neighbour HAS    to leave. But she is afraid to back up behind the bus, so one of my other neighbours who was there to see his daughter off, volunteered to back the car out. Funny thing was that there was LOADS of room and she was driving a YARIS!!!!!!!

BYE BYE grads - have fun, but BE SAFE

And there you have it. The kids did have fun, the sashes got done and they were amazed by them. M won for MOST UNIQUE - at least I know one of them will last for a little while!!!!

Yes it was a bit of a sad moment. My goodness, my little girl is growing up before my eyes and soon she will be leaving home. Well she will always be my little girl and we will always have a good relationship (at least I hope so) and I see many fun times ahead.

On that note - I am out of here

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!


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