Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Give me COTTON any day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I better get the BEST MOM of the year award. At least at our house!!!!  

Oh boy - thank goodness prom happens only once! Well - I guess there is university, but I'm ignoring that for the moment. And a wedding - well I am not sure that I will be able to handle that!!!!

It just seems weird that EVERYTHING I touch these days - something is wrong or takes WAY MORE time. I went to vacuum yesterday (OK - so the cleaning lady does most of the vacuuming), but I am thinking -there isn't much suction here. I check and YEP - the canister in the garage is full so needed to clean that out BEFORE I could vacuum. A simple thing, but just ONE MORE thing to do!!!!

Then it was attacking those 14 sashes that have to be made for THURSDAY at 3 PM. Well - the ceremony is on Friday, so I have a bit more time, but that is the deadline that M has given me.

"I" decided that they would look nice if the lettering was embroidered. BUT my silly software was acting up and would NOT resize the letters properly. Had a chat with the dealer - he showed me how it was supposed to work. Came home - nothing. I finally attacked the software yesterday. Took FOREVER to UNINSTALL the silly thing, and then even longer to get it loaded again. It wouldn't work from the main menu - had to go in the back door (so to speak) to make it work.

HOWEVER - I am happy to say that I have success!!!!!!!!!!!!

And let's just say that if you are a quilter and sew with cotton all the time - that is NOTHING. Try sewing satin. NO WAIT - try cutting the stuff. It leaves strings, moves like an ocean and is generally horrible to work with. I can't imagine making a dress out of the darn stuff.   KUDOS to anyone who sews wedding gowns - my hat is off to you!!!!!

Here are SEVEN of the sashes. The other seven are sewn, but need to be turned inside out and pressed. That is NO BIG DEAL. I might not win first prize in a sewing contest - but for this - they are just FINE!

Then I had to do a test run with the embroidery and thread to make sure it was going to work OK.
Test run

Yes - the test run is looking awesome

And now the machine is cranking out the lettering for the PROM KING.

I think this is going to be an ALL DAY and perhaps ALL NIGHT job - it doesn't stitch fast. And there will be a lot of setting up. But the first one is always the worst - and once you get the hang of it, the setting up takes less time. Just DO NOT lose the notes!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Bought three spools of thread - that may not be enough. But Ruti's is open until 6 tonight so I will know by then what the thread situation is.

Speaking of Ruti's - there is a BIG sale going on. And since the boss is away (or will be on Thursday), you never know what is going to be on sale and for how much!!!!!!!!!!!!   I would check it out if I were you.

I managed to get ONE quilt basted yesterday. First time basting a quilt so that was a bit of a learning experience. But I think the customer will be happy.

Customer quilt basted

Had an AWESOME spin class at the gym this morning and a HORRIBLE session with the chiropractor last night. I haven't seen him in a while, but he also does sports medicine and I wanted to check out my knee. Turns out it is NOT my knee, but an extremely TIGHT calf muscle. Of course he dug and dug and dug and I thought I was going to die!!!!!!!!!!!!!    But I feel great today - no problems on the bike and I just have to stretch EVEN MORE. And I love the 10 minutes of electrodes massaging my calve. Can't imagine getting electric stock because even this treatment at a fairly low intensity  - I just had NO control over my foot.

As I was laying on the table with the electrode thing on my leg, there was a lady on another table in the next cubicle. I was laughing because the moans and groans that come out of that office (even from the men) - well you would think something else was going on!!!!!!!!!!!!    And my back - well - I should have gone to see him sooner. He really is the BEST I have been to. Don't know why I waited until the last minute - oh - that is my nature - I forgot!!!!!!!!!!!!

Through all this - there seems to be something "wrong" with me. Even with all these roadblocks, I am calm. I am cool. I am collected. I am not sure why that is. If something isn't working - I leave it and come back with a fresh perspective on it. I have rebooted my computer a million times in the last couple of days. I hope it is happy!!!!!   But I am glad that I am remaining calm because getting frustrated - well it does nothing. So I am continuing on my merry little way and whatever does NOT get done - just won't get done. But I am confident that most will get done. Things are going well despite the glitches. I have a dentist appointment today to get a cavity filled - wish me luck - I HATE HATE HATE the needles.

On that note - I have a "few" things to get done today!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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