Saturday, June 22, 2013

Day Two - Vancouver - MIssion

So we did not have internet last night. I wrote out the day's blog last night and now I have no idea how to cut and paste on the tablet. Well in theory it is easy - I can CUT the document from the word processor, but there doesn't seem to be a PASTE feature on the tablet and right clicking just kicks me out.  Even tried Control V, but didn't work.

Hmmm - well - I will switch between the two programs so you can get the days news.

Oh well - here goes.

While this was technically the first day of cycling, it was the second day as the orientation day counted as Day One. Whew - one day less of cycling!!!

After having our "camp" breakfast from the truck in the residence parking lot, we were off to
get the requisite picture at the totem poles. Now if any of you followed my Tour Arctic trip, you would notice that the start point is the same!!!!

Tour du Canada 2013  

Then we set off. Some people wanted to stop and dip their wheels in the water before we left. There was a bit too much sand for my liking and we had already dipped our wheels in Victoria. A picture on the beach was enough for me.

"Dipping" the wheels 

We were almost the entire group at this point and then somehow the group got seperated at the picture taking which was a good thing as it is very difficult to travel through a city with that many cyclists and keep everyone together. I cycled with Myra, Michel, Eric and Rob and although I am certain that the guys could have just ripped through the KM, we stayed together as a group.

It was a great day and for the most part, we had no problems with the maps. OK - so we got turned around where one of the bike paths went over a bridge and we did a little extra mileage. No big deal - it was a nice day.

Lunch at Tim's. We bought drinks - notice I have a green tea and ate our peanut butter sandwiches

With our little detour or sightseeing expedition, we did 90 K for the day which is a nice distance. Too bad all days won't be like that, however someone said it would take us a LOT longr to get to our destination. Good point.

I am anxious to try out my cot. I had to get Neil to help putting the first support in. It was VERY stiff and hopefully the next day the process will be easier. I need to jump up and down on it to loosen it up a bit. OOOOPS - there is NO ROOM in the tent for jumping on the bed!!!!!!

There are LOADS of mosquitos in camp which is making it fun since I don't have bug spray. Got AfterBite, but no bug spray - well I will pick some up tomorrow.

Bike parking in the campground

The cook crew did an excellent job of cooking trout for us. Very tasty indeed or perhaps we were just so hungry we didn't notice.

After we ate - a number of people went to the rec centre on the campgrounds and people were playing fooz ball, pool and table tennis, reading and blogging (or trying to). It was quite chaotic!!!

Some of the campers - notice my red chair in the distance. I LOVE  IT

Almost as bad as me trying to set up my tent . I must have walked back and forth to the truck a million times before I got everything just the way I like it.

Part of the campground. That's my tent - the beige one with the black chair in front of it

OK - I think that covers most of what happened yesterday. Darn hard to remember from day to day!!!!

Have a good day!!!!!!!!!!!


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