Thursday, June 6, 2013

The speed of light!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That pretty much describes my days!!!

Actually I am kidding. I am making good progress. I do not know if I will get everything done, but I will do what I can and NOT stress about what does not get done. We are talking NON vital stuff here. Unless you are a teenager whose prom is coming up!!!!!   But hey - if I don't get help in the garden, I will NOT be held responsible for getting everything done!!!!!!!!!!

I was out weeding the other day and there isn't much left and it will only take a couple of hours to lay out that dirt so I feel in good shape there. Postponed TWO quilts to September - client and I are both OK with that. So down to SIX quilts - four to quilt and two to baste.

The pond is looking great even after it got turned upside down when they repaired the edge earlier this spring (which I never had time to share with you).

Lily pads are flowering like crazy

One of my bigger fish - this guy is about 6 inches long

The lily pads are going crazy. I believe there are three of them. One is growing like a weed and you can see the basket of another one upside down. I have to find a rock to weight it down!!!!   Tried a brick and the basket turned over and the brick fell into the bottom of the pond!!!!!!!!!!!!   The important thing - there is LOTS of cover so if the heron does come to visit, he won't find much to interest him!!!!!!!!!!

Worked very hard on a custom quilt yesterday and almost got it done. I had to take it off the machine for show n tell last night, so have to load it back on this morning and finish it off. I'll show you all tomorrow.

Started on the sashes - won't take that long - half of them are cut out. Trying to figure out the embroidery - I need help. Hopefully a quick call to the dealer will get me back on track. You will see what I mean when I get it stitched out.

And let's not forget the prom dress. It is completely M's responsibility to get that dress done. I have done my part. So she was working away after school yesterday. And I believe she has an appointment with grandma on Monday to help her. Good - I am washing my hands of this task. But I have to take her to grandma's, but then I have some shelves to assemble while they work.

M - serging the dress

Caroline came to our house after school and we got a good laugh out of her visit. Laughing with her of course!!!!  

She must have been tired because this is where we found her...............

Oh - that is Sammy lying in the STASH room and what or who is she protecting????

Yep - there is Caroline, curled up under some fleece she found (I tell you it is like a fridge in the basement) and she had a good nap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday, I started my day by a visit to the dentist. YECH!!!!!!!!!!!!   I hate the dentist and even more so when I get THE lecture about brushing properly and flossing. And then they try to scare me by saying I need to visit the periodontist AND then they tell me I have a cavity and best to get it filled before I leave. ACK!!!!!!!   NOTE to self - just floss more for God's sake. Then all this would go away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On that note - I have paperwork, DVDs to burn (M made the movie yesterday for me - LOVE that kid when she helps out), quilts to quilt, groceries, a visit to the vet, a pattern to design. Oh yes - it is going to be a fun day.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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