Saturday, June 8, 2013

Cancer awareness

As you read this blog -well as it gets posted, I will be standing at Ontario Place with Anna (my cycling partner) and we will be waiting for The Ride to Conquer Cancer to start. Hopefully, it won't be raining. But I imagine it will!!!  HOWEVER - I have to say that riding in the rain is NOTHING compared to what cancer patients go through for days, weeks, months and sometimes years. And besides - riding in the rain - well it builds character, it provides one with GREAT stories, provides opportunities for bonding - OK - so I am trying to tell myself that riding in the rain is FUN!!!!!!

In some ways, it makes the ride that much more credible and thought provoking than if the skies were blue and the sun is shining. But I do hope it doesn't rain much!!!   As I always say - I don't mind if it starts to rain while I am out, but I HATE to start out in the rain!

I just might get a chance to test that new rain hat of mine!!!!!!   Better get it ready by the door. I spent a bit tonight getting packed for the weekend. DH suggested that it might not be a good idea to go away for the weekend, THE weekend before one takes off for the summer. Well I signed up for The Ride to Conquer Cancer BEFORE I signed up for the other trip. Oh well - it will be a time to try out the equipment in preparation for the following trip. AH yes - that is why I planned them back to back!!!!

I did a little shopping today, but no time to blog about that tonight.

Yes - I finished ANOTHER quilt tonight. That leaves TWO quilts to quilt and two to baste. I just might make it!!!!!!!!   Had a LITTLE problem with this one. It is a fairly large quilt and the backing is Fireside Fleece. That is a HUGE piece of stretchy fabric. I pinned it, knew there was a problem, then looked underneath and almost had a heart attack - looked like an ocean (wavey) not like a flat lake!!!

Customer quilt
Back of the customer quilt - Fireside Fleece

Let's just say that with a few adjustments that did NOT require taking anything off the machine, I managed to get that backing to fit just perfect. BUT - this quilt is heavy. Now it will be a bit lighter when I trim the extra fleece off - but still - a bit heavy!!!!  It also has batting in it!!!!

As I was coming up the on ramp onto the highway from downtown, I snapped this photo. It seems there is construction EVERYWHERE downtown.

Construction cranes EVERYWHERE

On that note - I still have TWO things to do before I go to bed. And it is already ONE HOUR past my bedtime!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!  


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  1. all the best on you ride, hope it doesn't rain. Thank you for riding in the ride to conquer cancer