Sunday, June 9, 2013

What DOES that gym look like???????

Oh what the heck - I had these pictures sitting in a blog and why not provide some entertainment for you on Sunday morning. 

I don't think I ever posted pictures of the gym. If not - well then you can sit back and enjoy where I work out. If you have already seen them - well you can skip this blog. 

The front of the building - obviously AT NIGHT

This is the looking at the climbing wall from the outside  (that is on the extreme left of the building at the front)

Climbing wall from the inside

Looking out at the parking lot

Lounge on the third floor. Haven't figured out what this lounge is for - I guess just lounging!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lounge in the front lobby

Looking down into the reception area from the second floor

Looking at side of the gym from the pool area

Water slide

Outdoor pool (water slide in the background)

Outdoor pool

Weight machines (notice those TV screens around the perimeter of the room
Free weight area
Weights in one of the aerobic rooms
Squash courts on the third floor
Weights in the free weight area
More of the free weight area
Soccer field on the third floor
This is one of the stretching areas

More pictures of the climbing wall
Top of the climbing wall

A small portion of the cardio machines

More cardio machines

See - every machine has its OWN TV
More weight machines
The basket ball courts on the third floor 
One of the class studios

The spin class studio

Spin class with people in it

Out door pool in the day time

Lots of fresh towels

Ladies locker room

The lockers

The lounge in the ladies locker room (YES - that is a man standing there). These pictures were taken during the open house so we got to go through the ENTIRE gym

The wringer machine for wet bathing suits AND the weight scale!!!!  (That red thing on the wall - the platform is on the floor)

That's the door to the steam room and the showers are on the right. Oh now - you can see the scale beside the door to the steam room

The whirlpool in the ladies locker room

One of the massage tables in the spa

OH - another view of the outdoor pool

The indoor pool

I don't have pictures of the kids play area, the salon, the yoga studio and many other features. BUT you get the idea. You see why one would want to live there. It is like a RESORT.

On that note - I am out of here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Wow! I wish there was a gym like that here in Windsor. And that pool would be great for laps.

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