Tuesday, June 4, 2013

When in doubt................. shut it off?????

In case you are wondering the status of the quilts - I am now in the SINGLE DIGITS!!!!!!!!!!!   Yeah - Actually have SIX to quilt and TWO to baste and two of the six can be delayed until the fall and that may just happen. I feel that I am in good shape, but no time to waste!!!!!  Especially since this weekend is The Ride to Conquer Cancer. You know the ride that I have been fundraising for!!!!!!!

Let's just hope that the weather is OK - I remember when I was nervous about doing this ride - TWO big days of riding - 165 KMs one day and 165 KMs on the second day. They have changed the route over the years (this is my sixth year - the first year I drove the truck for the Pit Stop Number One and then have ridden five times including this weekend) - one year we did 165 KM on day one and then 100 on day two. They have added many options and changed the route yet again so this year it will be 125 KM on day one and 100 KM on day two. I must say that I am not even getting excited about this - just a training ride!!!!!    Oh my - what a LONG way I have come!!!!!!!!!     Let's just hope for good weather. Cool - I can handle, but NOT cool and wet - that is the worst!!!!

While I have been getting the quilts off the machine, they have been piling up - no time to blog them, no time to trim them. Here are the last two that I haven't shown you..................

Customer quilt

Detail of quilting

Customer quilt

This one was a bit tricky in that it has a flat piping - that little white strip. I HATE when I see all over quilting over that flat piping so we decided to do overall in the body of the quilt and I modified that overall design to get a snowflake for the border. I like the way it looks. 

Pattern in the body of the quilt

Today is going to be an insane day!!!!!!   Sammy is getting a hair cut, M has an optometrist appointment although she keeps saying orthodontist!!!!!   I have yoga and YET another session with my friends in India!!!!!  

Speaking of my friends in India - I recently bought a new tablet - an Android tablet which I love compared to the iPad. Still getting used to it.

The ASUS Transformer!!!!

It is really quite neat - it is just like a small computer, except that the screen comes off the keyboard and you can use it as a tablet OR as a computer. The screen is touch screen regardless of whether you use the keyboard or not. The keyboard has extra battery life (all A/C - no batteries) for the unit - so there are TWO battery packs in it. It is THINNER and MUCH lighter than the iPad - just the tablet part. BUT the main reason I bought it is that the keyboard has an SD card slot and a USB slot in it.

That means that I can take my pictures right into the tablet. Yes - you can do this with the iPad, but not nearly as slick and not individually. So I can load the card and select ONE picture and edit it.

However, when I loaded the SD card - NOTHING. Where are my pictures????   The tablet recognized the card, but nothing on it. So I get on LIVE CHAT with ASUS to try and fix the problem. I learned how to FORMAT an SD card. I never thought about formatting one before, but now I know how. I also know about FAT 32 (the format for the SD cards). But even after formatting - the tablet would NOT read the card. OK - now I am panicking a bit because if it doesn't work - well that is the ONLY reason I bought the tablet. I also realized that there was a problem because whatever SD card I put in, the system wasn't recognizing it properly - the size of storage wasn't right. And it took FOREVER to "release" the card.

I had to go to a meeting and came back - determined to get the problem fixed. So - back to LIVE CHAT and got a different agent. AHA - he suggested turning it off - powering it down. I did that (why didn't I think of that?????) and VOILA - it worked like a charm!!!!!!!!!!!!!    YES YES YES - all my pictures are on the card!!!!!!!!!!!!    And I can see them on the tablet - just like I wanted. Now I just have to test whether the SD cards need to be formatted or whether I had jammed the drive when I just popped the card out without releasing it properly through the software which takes nanoseconds when the system is working like it is supposed to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I may have to format a few camera cards before I leave, but it takes mere seconds for each one.

Now I have to find a photo editing software that will pick up the pictures and edit them for web size so I can load them on the blog. There are several options - edit on the tablet - upload them to Picasso - well a bit more investigation needs to be done. You see while I still have loads of room for pictures on the web, I do NOT want to fill up my space, nor do I want to have to go back and change them. Better to figure it out NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh yes - ONE MORE QUILT binding got finished yesterday. I had to add one more in - so I still have SIX to bind. But ONLY SIX - who would have thought that would ever happen. And then Lynn (at Monday Motivators) has convinced me to start applique and embroidery at Monday Motivators. That is what she does - we are working on the same project - I can't let her get ahead of me!!!!!!!!!!   Well - she is already on the embroidery, but I can beat her on the applique since I have seven of twelve blocks done - she is working on number two!!!!!!!!!!!!!     But the focused me wants to get those SIX bindings done first!!!!!

Now the apple hasn't fallen far from the tree in this house. M wanted a small notebook that she could rip pages out of. So I bought her a small book - she is a HUGE list maker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

M - now that she is grown up - I can entertain her with a $1 notebook from Dollarama!!!!!   And she is entertained for hours. - I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well on that note - I had better get my day started.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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