Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Little Sammy is NOT prey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am NOT even counting the days until I leave, but let's just say that it is soon. Too soon for me. I need ONE MORE WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Well what gets done is what gets done. Can't do anything about that, but  just seems that when I want to do something (like the embroidery) on the sashes - of course, the software isn't working properly and I have to take the time to get it fixed. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!

Speaking of the sashes - they are all cut. Half of them are sewn (well almost) and I'll be working on them tonight.

I did manage to get a LOT of little things out of the way yesterday so that was a great thing and I am now starting my last minute TO DO list. But darn - I keep thinking of things to add to it!!  Oh well - if it doesn't get done - I will delegate the duties. Hmmmm - would that be to Sparky or Sammy????

That M is a VERY LUCKY girl. You see - she has been planning time to get her prom dress done, but she didn't really seem to be advancing on it. She booked some time with Grandma yesterday and after carting the sewing machine and the serger and all the stuff in, Grandma had a look at it and her schedule and said "I'll finish the dress!!!!!!!!"   Yeah Grandma. I think that is what M was hoping for. In the meantime, I ran around like an idiot for an hour to get stuff organized and I have to go buy her an invisible zipper foot. BUT - at least I do not have to sew the dress. I shouldn't be complaining at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Grandma is a seamstress so I am not worried, although DH said - we should check in every day to make sure things are advancing. ACK - why does my kid have to graduate THIS YEAR????????????  

As you know, I love fabric that has words on it. I received a notice of a shop that was having a sale and one of the fabrics in the e-mail had words on it. So I sent Karen (who lives in Guelph) in to get me some. Well look at what it is.................

It has sewing/quilting definitions all over it!!!!!!!!!!!   I love it!!!!!

And this one was part of the same line so she picked that up too!!!!!!!

Thanks Karen and NO I am not paying for what you bought!!!!   You are supposed to be stronger than that!!!!
And I picked this fabric up the other day. The colour is weird in the picture because it is bright blue in real life. 

Then I got busy and finished those postcards which I was supposed to do on Sunday, but completely forgot because I was out in the garden.

Post cards are done and ready to be delivered. 

I LOVE this quilt.  It is called Journey of a Quilter by Leanne Beasley of Leanne's House

However I am CHEAP. The pattern cost for this quilt is over $100 and I really can't justify paying that price. But on the bus on the way home from The Ride to Conquer Cancer, I had a brain storm or maybe Anna suggested it - I can't remember. BUT - we have mail stops along the way and I asked people to send me inspirational quotes. Well - DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    I am going to design MY OWN QUILT using the quotes I receive from people. That will have more meaning and more fun than doing someone else's quilt.

If you want to have your quote in my quilt - then send it to me via blog comment (if you don't have the mail stops). I can't guarantee that all quotes will make the quilt (maybe they can go on the back), but I can also incorporate symbols of things we see along the way. I think it is perfect and fitting for such a journey. I am excited - got to remember to take some graph paper - or I may just jot notes of things to incorporate and then just wing it when I get home. That might be better. the question is - what fabric should I use? The Northcott (O Canada) line or just anything?????    Hmmmm - got to think about that.

And here is my FIRST inspirational note to include.
Marian brought in this cute little bicycle box - I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Although I did tell her it was a tad small to pack my bike in!!!!  

And the first quote is on the other side of this cute card - notice the orange ribbon!!!!   I do have the best friends in the whole world. Thanks Marian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And look at this kit I got yesterday. WAIT - before you freak out - this one cost me $5 and is partially done.

Pieces all cut (including steam a seam on the back) and partially assembled

We thought the pieces were done with the AccuCutter, but NO - there are the templates

And ONE block was complete. This might be a good take along project, although the backing of this block is weird fabric

Now I know you are wondering about the title of the blog today. Well - when we were out walking in the forest, I saw the coyote. Kind of surprised me a bit. It was watching us. Sparky DID NOT go after it which is very unusual and Sammy came running to me. The damn coyote FOLLOWED US. And I think if I wasn't there or Sammy strayed away, it wouldn't have been pretty. I yelled at the coyote a couple of times before it realized, we were NOT PREY and slunk away. But it is getting bolder and bolder.

On that note - I have loads to get done today and at some point, I have to start packing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


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  1. Use the "O Canada" line for sure! But you like orange. How's that going to work? I can't think of anything inspirational to say. I do know from reading your blog that you are a get up and go kind of person and very inspirational to all those who read your blog. So put a picture of yourself, maybe a caricature type one, on your quilt and no words would be needed for that block.