Friday, May 31, 2013

Why everyone should have a teenager!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday was another crazy day. I drove M to her casting appointment. I don't understand why the people requesting the casting do NOT look at the pictures of the models BEFORE they call in the models. There were about 30 girls sitting in the room.

They were told if you do NOT want a drastic cut or colour, then this is not for you. Why didn't they say that in the actual preliminary information e-mail??  Then the requestor (or whatever you want to call them) came in - looked at one girl (of a certain ethnic background), then looked at another girl (of a different ethnic background - said - "they would look good together") and said to the rest - GO HOME. Took less than one minute.

If they wanted ethnic background girls - why didn't they ask for them??????   Anyway - I just think this whole casting/model business is a HUGE waste of time.

BUT - I did NOT waste my time. I turned my car into an office away from home. I used my phone (on the Bluetooth) and made TONS of calls. I got appointments rescheduled or booked, paid bills, got questions answered and was VERY productive for that 1/2 hour that I waited.

I probably wouldn't have gotten all that accomplished if I had been at home. One good reason to have a teenager. Forces the parent to get creative and productive with their time.

Then home and worked on a quilt (I'll show you in a minute). Groceries and various other things got done. My sewing machine needs repair BADLY. I called Sewing Machines Etcetera in Burlington because they have pretty fast turnaround for machine repair. Hmmmmmm - yes they might be able to repair it on Friday, but ONLY if they have other machines come in and at that point, my machine was the only one booked. She suggested I call at 4 PM and see if they have had any other machines come in. I call at 4 PM (when we are at the grocery store) and YES - it is a go for the machine repair on Friday. Now I have to finish groceries and get to Burlington (in rush hour traffic) before 5:30 PM and I am not 100% sure where the store is. Hmmmmmm - HEY M - want to go for a car ride????

Then it was a question of "take the highway or the back roads"????  M was on her phone with the traffic report and we decided to take the highway WHICH has a CAR POOL lane (I had forgotten that part). So thanks to M, we were able to ZIP along the highway and made it to our destination is very short time. Then on the way home, after a bit of deliberation, we decided to take the highway home again (and again used the car pool lane). We were home VERY quickly. Here are TWO more reasons to have a teenager - they can focus on the traffic and directions AND allow one to use the car pool lanes.

While we are in the car, we have some of our best discussions and yesterday was no exception. We talked about a couple of upcoming projects that I am working on - discussing pros and cons to various techniques and styles. I am blessed with a creative (mostly cooperative) teen and I LOVE HER TO DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Thanks for the great day M!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We also visited the store next door to the sewing machine shop. It is called Spun Fibre Arts and while it is mostly a knitting store - they have rovings, buttons, patterns and LOADS of stuff. I picked up a couple of creative things, but NOT knitting.

Picked up my bike from the shop - going to test ride it tomorrow to see how it works. I debated riding with the Lifetime cycle club last night, but the weather was sketchy and we weren't quite home by the time they were supposed to start. Got home to find out that the ride was cancelled and then it didn't rain!!!!!!!!

Went to Ruti's and picked up some of the NEW O CANADA fabric by Northcott. Not sure what I am going to do with it yet, but I love the new prints and will go nicely with the original line.

Original O Canada

O Canada II
I only bought a few of each line - but check out the rest at this link..............

O Canada - Original Line

O Canada - II

Some pretty cool stuff -just not sure what to make, but I got enough to make something neat.

I got the quilt finished while M was making dinner (yet ANOTHER reason to have a teenager). YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Customer Quilt

Detail of quilting

I decided to try another restorative yoga class at 9 PM. The gym was still hopping at that time. The class was FULL, but NOT PACKED which is good. Now picture the environment - warm, but not hot, dimmed lights, dead quiet and a room full of people lying flat on their back on their mats. I always wondered if people fell asleep in yoga - I have sort of dozed off once or twice. Well last night - some guy in the back was SNORING away for at least 10 minutes before he woke up. I was trying so hard not to laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But it was a GREAT class - I feel so loose today and very little pain in any of the joints!!!!!!   Yippppeeeeeeee!!!!   And I have to say that I had one of the best sleeps last night that I have had in a LONG time. Guess I should try more yoga before bed in the future!!!!!!!!!!!!

Back in spin class this morning - I know - that makes FOUR this week. I remember laughing at George on Tour Atlantic last year. He sometimes did four spin classes a week while he was training. Now he was a retired cop and I think he had NOTHING else to do, but it is efficient training for me. I hope to get out on my bike with the LifeTime cycle club tomorrow morning.

I know - all this exercise!!! - now if I could just STOP drinking that damn hot chocolate, I could be sporting a six pack chest!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Well I doubt that!!! - but I can dream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More quilts on the agenda for today, a couple of appointments, but at least I am FINISHED with the gym for the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   And while the weather is hot - our house is actually quite cool - the basement is like a fridge  - perfect day to be inside.

On that note - I had better get started

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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