Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Nothing is NEW!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have become a gym junky!  I went to restorative yoga yesterday and I am in LOVE. I love love love that class. Gentle stretching that I am not all that good at - well I am NOT that flexible and flexibility is one area where many people fail in a fitness assessment. Unfortunately the times of those classes are NOT the best for me, but I am going to try and make them a priority - NOW and when I come back.

There is ONE negative about the class - you MUST pay attention. It would be easy to drift off and have a snooze - it is low key. Or the regulars have moved onto the next move while you haven't been paying attention to the instructor and look like a dork!!!!   NO ONE cares - it is dark in the room. And surprising to see women and men of all ages, sizes and shapes and many of them are quite flexible.

Back in spin class this morning and another tonight. At first I wasn't sure if I liked the Wednesday morning instructor for spin class, but she has LOTS of information to pass along and I really like her now. One of her PROFOUND statements today is "Exercise does NOT compensate for a bad diet!"  Or something to that effect. So basically if you exercise, that does NOT mean you can eat badly. You can go off the wagon temporarily, but once you start exercising - you really don't want the junk.

However, I have to say that you MUST eat small meals often. DO NOT let yourself get hungry. I had a quick small lunch yesterday and NOTHING else in the car to eat. When we went to Homesense, I saw a bag of chips near the cash and I could NOT stop thinking about those stupid chips and so I stopped at the grocery store on the way home. I NEVER buy chips. I MUST MUST MUST keep my belly full!!!!  Oh yes - I am happy to report that the yoga helped my tail bone issue a LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   It is not perfect, but maybe it is just tight??????

I got NO QUILTING done yesterday. We had to get some white satin for sashes for the upcoming prom. Fabricland has some, but too pricey so M and I went downtown to Designer Fabrics. Oh - I love this store. They used to have quilting/clothing cottons, but nothing now - just shirtings - lots and lots of shirtings (in the cotton section).

We browsed all the aisles, looking at lace that was in the HUNDREDS of dollars per yard. We also saw some other fancy fabrics - $900 a meter. That is NOT a typo. Holy cow - what would you do with them? And do they sell it????   They must.

Well our total purchase was $71 including tax - we bought the white satin, some peach dress stuff for M to mess around and make a dress and look what I bought......................

PRE MADE flowers - they are so cute!!!!!   No idea what I am going to do with them, but they are CUTE!!!!!!

And some gorgeous buttons

And LOOK - sparkly ORANGE tulle!!!!!!   How cool is that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then back home and a GOOD HEALTHY dinner, but quick and then off to an evening of inspiration with the Finishing Group. Oh we have some AWESOME plans for the fall, but I can't tell you about them - not yet.

Oh yes - I did wander the aisles in Chapters to see if I could find a book title to use for the upcoming guild challenge at Halton Hills Guild. And FINALLY, I found something that I think will work PERFECTLY. M and I discussed it in the car and we have the project all designed. It is simple, yet should be pretty. I like that.

The other night, the Halton Hills Guild had Jackie Sauer as a speaker. One of her quilts was a pineapple. Oh that is nice, but I had a good laugh when I looked at the quilting..............

Quilting on Jackie's pineapple quilt

While it is hard to see, this is the quilting on MY pineapple quilt which was done years ago. 

It is IDENTICAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    I think I figured this out on my own - I still have the work sheet.  Nothing is NEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   (or original or perhaps great minds think alike!!)  (Jackie did NOT do the quilting - someone else did)

Well - it is time to get to work - I've had a HEALTHY breakfast and ready to roll. I know I sound like a crazy person, but the working out and eating healthy, just makes me feel so much better and I can get so much done. Although it was (and is) a lot of money for that gym, it is WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!!!!!!!!!!! M was up and did the hot yoga class this morning. How many 17 year old would get up for a 6 AM hot yoga class?????   Life Time ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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