Thursday, May 16, 2013

Router rumblings!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know it is isn't a GOOD start to the day when e-mail doesn't work. Oh dear - not just e-mail but access to the Internet. ACK - how did we live without internet access before??

Unplug the router and the modem to reset them both. Plug them back in - NOPE - no change.

Call the service provider. Check this - unplug this - and NOPE - internet is at the ROUTER, but just can't make it from the ROUTER to the computer.

I take the computer to the router and yep I have internet connection if WIRED, but I want WIRELESS.

Oh dear - should I look for the receipt for the router??   WHY oh WHY am I not more organized that I can just go to the filing cabinet and pull out the receipt for the router?

In the meantime, I get ambitious - I am GOING to get that office cleaned up before I leave if it kills me. The desk surface has paper on it, the table has stuff on it and there are a couple of piles of newspapers. Other than that - it isn't in bad shape.

Then I hear M pipe up (at the kitchen table) - my internet is working just fine. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!

OK - stop looking for the receipt for the router because it is working just fine.   (BUT I did make good headway on the office clean up)

Back downstairs and play with the computer. Turn the wireless button ON and then OFF. Still nothing.

OK - let's reboot the computer.

After a slow 20 minutes (during which time, I sorted through my pending file and made a HUGE TO DO LIST of all the paper sitting beside the computer), the computer is up and running


And see - if I had of been so organized that I had found that receipt - the folks at CISCO would have had me doing all kinds of stuff and in fact - we just needed a BOOT!!!!!   One point for being disorganized!!!!

Oh dear - but now I have run out of time to get the blog posted - well the real blog. So this is all you get today.   (got lots of pictures to show you - I have been busy, although not super productive for ME)

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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