Sunday, May 19, 2013

Decision decisions....................

One of the HARDEST things to decide is how to quilt a quilt. The overall designs are easy - just pick one that is best suited and an appropriate thread (that blends in) and off you go. There is ONE CHOICE (OK - two with the thread choice) - and since I have a limited (well a LOT, but still limited) number of patterns - the decision is fairly easy.

BUT when you get a custom quilt - what to do - what to do??????   Things like the size (don't quilt a bed sized too dense is one of my rules - although it isn't always easy to abide by that rule), the colour, the design or the blocks. All of them influence how to quilt it. Should I mark the design - go free hand. How many thread changes do I want to deal with, stitch in the ditch or not???   Ruler work or not???    You see what I mean - it can be paralyzing. And that is what has happened to me. I have that red/white raffle quilt (that was on my design wall forever) on the machine and I can't make up my mind how to quilt it.

I did get started on it yesterday and so far I am liking what I see. BUT now, I have to move forward into the blocks and well - HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!    Actually, I think I am OK - I have been drawing furiously on paper and then on my cellophane (over the quilt) to see what the pattern looks like. You see - I want to keep it simple, but choosing the design sometimes (for me) can take as long or longer to decide than to actually quilt the quilt. Sad but true - I NEED to get faster on these decisions. But my goal with the quilt - two colours of thread - red and white  (going to change the bobbin as well - don't want to take the risk of that red showing through on the white bits), going to free hand the entire thing, NO stitch in the ditch. And just a bit more practice and I should have the background quilting under wraps. And I bet you thought I just load it up and go for it. Well sometimes I do and sometimes I don't!!!

I will be hitting that quilt hard today, trying to work in a bike ride and the garden. Going to be a busy day.

Yesterday was Christmas Club and the students are all busy working on their trees and barns. Here is what we saw in show n tell.





Helen Anne




Two people were missing!!!!!    Well they better have that homework DONE!!!!!!    This is a bit of a weird quilt that we are doing - well for this monthly format. There is a background and then we add the applique to the background. So we can't really do anything until all the bits are ready to place on the background. BUT there is LOTS of room on this quilt to use the sewing machine to create some of the bits, lots of room for embellishments and other goodies. I can't wait to see the finished results.

Then we had more show n tell. Tony brought in his BEAR quilt (designed by Dorothy Baker). This was a Block of the Month run by JillyBean's Pride MANY years ago. He finally got it completed - well just have to do the binding.   The quilting was done by Sandy Lindal.

The BEAR quilt

Details of the bear quilt

More details - great satin stitching

Nice quilting design in the leaves

See - it is those details in the three pictures above that we need to keep as inspiration for ourselves. When you are trying to decide how to quilt certain areas - then that inspiration book will help a LOT. I have plans to help you get started on that book, but it many not happen before I leave.

Speaking of leaving -  FOUR weeks today - I will be at the airport. GASP!!!!!!    ACK!!!!!!!!    I'm not ready - what have I DONE?????????????

Raili got her Border Creek Mystery completed. Tony quilted it for her. I really really like that pieced border - well I will work on mine when I get back.

And on that note - I have better get myself organized to get something done today.   And I have a NEW RULE - in those four remaining weeks - I am NOT allowed to start another novel. Just NOT allowed - don't ask questions.

Thanks for the comment yesterday about the software that I can put on my computer to make it better and not run into some of the problems that I do. The support guys are calling me back today and I will ask them to do it. While I am quite capable of doing the tech stuff - I have NO INTEREST in messing around. I am paying them - just let them do it. I know - when in doubt - just throw money at it!!!!!!  

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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