Friday, May 17, 2013

My phone is ON PROBATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday started with no internet and it just got worse. I really wonder why I have so much trouble with technology. Is it because I use a lot of it or I don't know what I am doing or I am just unlucky????   We will never know the answer to that question.

So the internet got fixed - then I went to print something and NOPE - the printer is offline and I could NOT get it back online (I know - it is just a setting, but it wasn't changing even after I got the printer back on the wireless router). And can anyone tell me why my printer seems to think that photocopying 1/4 of a page is a NORMAL setting?????   That is on my list of things to do - call and see how to change that setting. It is stupid. And of course yesterday when I tried to over ride that setting - NOPE - it wouldn't work.

The kicker though was at lunch time when someone sent me a text. My phone went into a frenzy and went into REBOOT mode and would not stop. It just couldn't reboot and it was getting hotter and hotter. I have no idea how to take the battery out to stop it and reset. OK - so I threw it a couple of times and then I hopped in the car and drove to the Bell store, where they did NOT know how to get the battery out either. (The phone finally did a serious REBOOT on the way to the store - just like a sick kid when you are sitting in the doctor's office).  I can get a replacement for a nominal fee because I have a plan that allows that. It is a one time thing for the duration of the contract - and I have the phone number that with one call - that phone will be replaced. So it is on PROBATION. If it starts acting up again - well - I have given the phone a stern talking to and let's hope it behaves!!!!!!!!!!!!    I mean - really!!!!!!!!!!!    How can one person have so much trouble with a phone?????   M tells me that I should NOT be getting HTC brand and I AGREE. This is about the fourth HTC and I will NOT get another one. NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!    I want the Galaxy by Samsung!!!!!!!  

Despite all that - I did manage to get stuff done, but I could not touch the quilting machine. I was afraid that my foul mood would translate into the stitching, so I attacked the garden instead. I got out the hoes, the rakes, the wheelbarrow, the snippers and I went to town. I hacked down some wild grapevine that is (was) going rampant - well - BYE BYE grape vine. Now just have to find a way to kill the root and I won't have to worry about it again. We have so much work in the backyard to get ready for this pre-prom party that we hare hosting. I know - why this year???????????    Oh well - a good way to get the yard tidied up. I did make good progress, but now we need dirt and mulch and fence and plants. I always forget to take before pictures, but I will take some today.

Let me bring you up to date on my quilting. Remember this quilt???????????

Bling Thing by Anka's Treasures. This quilt was in  the Brampton Quilt Guild Show

Well - I got the label sewn down (after the show) and then I had to add another label as we gave this quilt to M's teacher for all the work she did helping M with the Skills Competition

Quilt with TWO labels. I think it is fun to know the "life" of the quilt and  so it is now safely in the hands of its new owner. I really really liked this quilt, but had NO SPECIAL meaning to me (well it does now and that is important). I know it has a good home. 

Got this monster quilt done for a customer  (already picked up)

Detail of quilting
 Then I have been trying to get some stuff done for me, but very little time left in the day.

These are the Churn Dash blocks for Snow Days. I made the right number of blocks and then decided that the three on the extreme right were NOT good colour choices. So I remade them. I put them on the wall and double checked the number of blocks needed for the quilt - ARE YOU KIDDING ME??????   I need TWO of the big ones and FOUR of the middle size. Oh shoot - I made one big one and one middle size one instead of TWO middle ones. Back to cutting MORE fabric - thank goodness it is an easy block to sew.

Churn dash blocks for Snow Days
 Also working on the next blocks- Cut the Corners. I am slowly working my way through them - this is the latest one that I completed.
Cut the Corner block for Snow Days
 Well - a LOT more work to do here, but at least the blocks are all cut out. Let's hope I cut the right number in the right sizes!!!!!!!!!!!!

Made the binding for a community project quilt

Got the binding on the LAST one of four for the Mississauga Quilt Guild. 

Yes - I am making progress, just doesn't seem like it is fast enough. I could do with one or two JUST SEWING days for ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I am also trying to tidy up. Keeping the THREE work surfaces (cutting table, ironing board and sewing table) as clean as I can these days. I have some stuff on them currently and my goal is to deal with those things BEFORE I leave. Trust me - there is NOT a lot of stuff there, but HAS to be done.

Yesterday, M was in the living room and of course, Sammy was with her. She looked so cute, I grabbed my camera to snap a picture of Sammy.

Sammy resting her head on a box

WELL - Sparky was NOT happy and as I tried to get closer to Sammy to take a close - up, the BIG BLACK DOG just barged her way in between myself and Sammy.

Look at ME - I am WAY CUTER than that fuzzy dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then I managed to sneak in for a closeup

WAIT A MINUTE - what did I say - STOP taking pictures of her. I am WAY MORE CUTER!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was pretty funny - Sparky just barged her way into all the pictures - or at least so I couldn't get a clear shot of Sammy.

See  I (the big black dog) am WAY CUTER - therefore I need to be in the FRONT of all pictures. Let her be in the back!!!!!!!!!!!!   Silly dog!!!!!!!!

And M - this is for you! In case you wonder about your mother - you are WORSE than me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We all love the library at our house - I mean who wouldn't love FREE books. But I think M has gone a bit too far......................

She has sorted her current selections by category!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     
 That is as bad as DH who has to sort the cutlery drawer (if we just throw the cutlery in - he has to sort so ALL the "like" utensils are together). We toss them in hap hazard just to drive him crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And that is all M's fault!!!!!!!!!!    She is the one who does it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have to say that working out is good for you. The harder you work out, the better you are. When I was just taking Maria's class, I was able to eat junk food and did NOT gain any weight. Didn't lose any either. Since starting the spin classes, I have had NO DESIRE to eat junk food. My body just turns up its nose at the thought. No bingeing  (not that I was a binger anyway). And I have lost THREE pounds (still having ONE hot chocolate every day - hey - got to have ONE bad vice).

Well on that note - there is a HUGE pile of work to get done today and I had better get started.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. I still wonders about human being how they are spending their without internet and even without a home phone services