Thursday, May 9, 2013


M did not win a medal in the competition. She was up against some stiff competition - the girl who won also won the overall top award for highest marks for the female category of the ENTIRE competition. Which is exciting that is was in the Fashion category. Sounds like she has been sewing for a LONG time as she announced before the competition began that she was so nervous the night before that she whipped up a dress that she wore that day. Also the girl who won second place won second place last year. Again someone who has been sewing for a while.

However as I have learned through life, it is NOT about winning the medal. It is about winning with yourself. M has limited sewing experience and most of it in the last couple of weeks. She ran into difficulty with some of the areas and she was able to work through them. She did not quit and I am sure it would have been easy to just say "I quit", but she stuck with it.

I am very proud of her and I think she has learned in leaps and bounds from this experience and to me that is WAY MORE IMPORTANT than winning. And her attitude about the entire thing - well again - she graciously accepted not winning and that is so important. Way to go M!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Trust me I know from experience - winning isn't everything!!!

And you might not think it, but I have been busy working at home. I have managed to get FOUR quilts done in the last couple of days. They are smaller ones for the Mississauga Outreach program.

Quilt number ONE

Quilt number TWO

Detail of Number TWO

Quilt number THREE

Quilt number FOUR

Now with these quilts - we are supposed to trim and put on the binding. And then stitch them down. Well I don't stitch by machine (ever!) and I don't have time to do the hand stitching, but I have people who have volunteered to do that for me. I have ONE binding on, another made and hope to get that finished today.

Then onto the next urgent quilts!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am working on some sewing as well, but not much. My machine is wondering what has happened.

In case you did NOT get to the Brampton Quilt Show - here are a couple of my quilts that were in the show............

A Bling Thing pattern by Anka's Treasures

Hopscotch  - pattern by The Quilt Patch. This is ONE of those Halloween quilts we did in the fall. This is MINE with the orange plush backing. And NO - that is NOT a red ribbon on it. That is simply a piece of plush (from another quilt) that I put there so people could feel how soft it is. 

All About Me - pattern by Atkinson Designs - this is Berke's car quilt. Someone asked me about it and wanted the car fabric. Well - I bought enough - there is enough left for a kit. I'm waiting for him to contact me. 

All About Me - pattern by Atkinson Designs - this is M's quilt. Everything in it starts with the letter M. The red plush is on the back of her quilt. Now Berke wants one with plush on the back as well (his has flannel). I LOVE making these quilts with the novelty fabric. So fun. I must make one for myself. 

And here are the two quilts hung together. I made them hang their own quilts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 I had two other quilts in the show, but I seemed to NOT have taken a picture of them.

This quilt belongs to Linda P. We both participated in a tinners project last year at Christmas  Club at Cockadoodle Quilts. Linda's theme was autumn. She made the large center block and each of the participants was to make an autumn themed block that measured 15 inches or something like that. 

This is the block that I made for her. 

It looks great. I must start working on all those group quilts that I have participated in over the years. Just no time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I am still working on the $10 quilts. That is my priority this year.

Monday Motivators is still going strong and look - here is my favorite Monday person.................


He is so cute, but he was NOT feeling well this past Monday. Generally he is very good natured, but this day - well he was just not happy.

I am happy to report that I am working my way through the stack of my quilts that need to be bound. Of the 6 that were in the Brampton show - I did pin a few labels on, so I hope to get those sewn on and then they can be put on the FINISHED list.

The next quilt show (yes - I had THREE of them this year) is the Halton Hills Quilt Show and that is the first weekend in October.  Mark your calendars. I will provide more details in a couple of days. There are FIVE or SIX quilts still in the "to be bound" basket and I am working through them. I take them to Monday Motivators and hand stitch them there. So I hope to get all of these done before that show and they will go in that show. Then I will be caught up. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Then I plan to go around the house to ALL the quilts and see what is missing - some are missing labels (don't tell anyone), some need the sleeves stitched down (pins are great), some need the bindings stitched down (steam  a seam is handy) and some need a bit more quilting and just get all those ones DONE DONE DONE. That will likely take me to the end of the year.   This quilting is HARD WORK.

I hate hate hate spin classes. Well I am going to have to retract that statement. I went to Joseph's spin class last night and I worked my BUTT off. According to the bike speedometer, I cycled 25 MILES (40 KM) in one hour which I don't think is right, but I'll take the numbers. We pushed up hills and then MORE hills, then down the hills. My towel was sopping wet when we were done. But the class was AWESOME. And I am liking the other instructors as well. OH dear - I am just kicking myself that I didn't start sooner. My legs are feeling stronger and stronger every day which is what counts. Now if I don't eat extra because of the extra workouts - I could lose a LOT of weight. According to the computer - I used OVER 1000 calories in one hour. How is that for a workout!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And tonight is yoga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   It better be relaxing!!!!

On that note - I am off to get more work done.   So much nicer to NOT have deadlines. Still have commitments, but NO pressing deadlines.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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