Thursday, May 30, 2013

I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love how my friends take care of me!!!   Always on the lookout for something different.

Jeanette just came back from a trip to the British Isles on a quilting themed vacation. How lucky!!!!!   While she was browsing the shops - look what she unearthed.................

an ORANGE SEWING MACHINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!      How cool is that!!!!!

Who would have thought that someone would make an ORANGE sewing machine. That just blows my mind. I think I am going to have to move to Europe - so many cool things there. OK - so we have lots of cool things here as well. And I think I am going to need a new sewing machine soon!!!!   Well - I must get mine serviced FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For those of you who don't like orange - how about a polka dot one..............

Two polka dot versions. And only 49 Pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look what else she spotted.................

Upholstery bike fabric - now who wouldn't want drapes made from this or perhaps your sofa or chair??????   I mean why not - life is too short to be boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeanette - thanks so much for thinking of me while on your vacation. And thanks for the pictures. I LOVE THEM. 

No quilting yesterday either. I know - this is NOT a good thing, but TODAY. What I need is to get rid of my kid!!!!!!!!!!!   She had to do a writing sample for Humber yesterday so that took a couple of hours. At least, I took my laptop because I had some computer work to do and I got a decent start on that project. Plus I had a class to teach in the morning. 

Then I have to confess that I had a long nap in the afternoon. I MUST MUST MUST eat better - with the increase in exercise, my body isn't coping as well as I would like. 

Went to TWO spin classes yesterday. Oh yippeee!!!!!!!!!!!   I am really really enjoying them and the whole atmosphere at the gym. 

On that note - I have to make this short this morning because I have yet ANOTHER appointment to take M to this morning. And yes while she can drive herself, I would prefer that she stick to our area for the moment - not zipping around downtown (and not in my car by herself). 

Oh well - just have to make a big push and get as much done as I can. Can't do more than that and I MUST start thinking of packing soon. I am a last minute packer and I have packed in my head so I know exactly what has to be pulled out. 

Have a good day................


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