Thursday, May 23, 2013

The flood gates are open!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know how it is. You get working on something that creates a bottleneck (and you can't put it aside because there is a deadline). Why? It might be that we are tired of the project, we know it will be an enormous amount of work or just not in the mood.

Well that sort of hit me with the red/white raffle quilt. I LOVE the quilt, but for some reason, I wasn't moving very fast on it. Well, I am happy to report that the RAFFLE QUILT is DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Raffle quilt - DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Detail of the quilting

I am quite happy with it and perhaps that is why it took so long. I needed to stew on the designs?????   Anyway, the binding is on and it is already passed to Joyce  who is going to do the hand stitching. Thanks Joyce!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am EXPECTING ALL of you to buy LOTS and LOTS of tickets on this quilt. It really is a beautiful classic red/white quilt. I would love to see it in my house (even after all the grief it caused me) - well not grief - but you know what I mean.

And then I took inventory of those quilts that still have to be done before I leave. So I got busy and got another one done yesterday.

This is a community project quilt (that I pieced)
 Thus TWO quilts got completed yesterday. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     Just have to trim this last one and put the binding on (which is already made).

Then I have a 'few" more that need to be completed before I leave. It is doable - just don't have time for another "STOP the presses" quilt. They had better just slip right on and off that machine or I might be in trouble.

Speaking of quilting - I had to buy some thread the other day. This is one of my favourites but look at the boring colours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

I have lots of SHINY, BRIGHT colours, but gosh - I don't use them all that often, but I use the above a LOT. Go figure.

Karen W sent me a link to an interesting article. I am including it here for you to read.  (Thanks Karen - I love the article)

Top FIVE regrets of the dying

Have a read and then you should sit down and THINK VERY HARD about those regrets. Will you have those same regrets on your death bed?????     What can you change TODAY that will help you reach some of those dreams. And if you don't have a dream - then you better think one up FAST.

The article is very fitting in light of some of my recent reflections. While I want to help others, I also have things that I want to do for me. It boils down to making some smart choices and make sure that you keep YOURSELF in the number one spot. I made some changes last year for this year and I am going to be making some changes this year for next year.

Some may think that all the exercise/cycling that I subject myself to will wear me out and break down my body. You know - I would be happy if that were the case rather than my body wear out and break down simply because I have grown old.

Anyway - read the article - and THINK ABOUT IT. If you are unhappy - ONLY YOU have the ability to make those changes. NO ONE ELSE.

On that note - I have a bit of paperwork to clean up this morning and then onto the long arm.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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