Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Christmas club reveal for APRIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK - so I am a tad behind. And once you take so many pictures - well sometimes it is hard to keep everything organized.

Speaking of organized - I took a LOT of pictures at the Mississauga Quilt show and do you think I can find them?????   I can find a small portion that I quickly took one day, but I am wondering if I put those pictures on another card, already downloaded to the external disk?????   Have you noticed a trend here? I can't remember things from one to another. Now - I don't think it is a question of getting senile or anything like that - it is just a question of things being absolutely crazy and my brain just can't deal with the overload of information.

Well - I'll search for them later. Today - we are going to look at trees and covered bridges.

I can't find the original picture of the pattern - so we will just have to visual it!!!!!!!!   Anyway - we are making the applique shapes that are going on the background that we have already pieced.   The pattern is called Bringing Home the Tree by Seams Like Home.

Raili made her wreaths with punch needle!!!!!!!!!!   They are GORGEOUS

The inside of the bridge has been darkened with marker!!!!!

OK - so I need to get the pictures up sooner so I can remember who did what!!!!    But these ladies are going to have some gorgeous quilts when they are done. And I took a picture of Marlene's homework, but of course that was at the show and I can't find those pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now this is for the class because at some point we are going to have to finish those edges. Have a look at these pictures and you can get some ideas for finishing the edges and doing a bit of thread painting.............

This quilt is a Ryan McKenna design - the photos were taken at Mississauga Quilt Show (the only ones I can find at the moment)

Stitching SIDEWAYS on the tree

More of the same tree

Wings enhanced by thread painting

Anyway - hopefully that will give you an idea of some of the stuff that we will be doing on our projects when we get to that point.

On that note - making good progress on my quilts. Got to make a label ASAP for a special quilt that I'll tell you about tomorrow.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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