Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Goodlife 10 K

Oh - Sunday morning was COLD!  I wore my winter boots - since my job involved water at the water stations, I knew from past experience that it could result in wet feet and wet feet on a cold day was NOT good news. I also wore a long sleeve shirt, a fleece jacket AND my down vest and gloves. At a couple of points in the day, I sure wished I had MORE clothes.

Some of my volunteers showed up in SHORTS!!!!!!   Not even going to comment on this - best not to wonder where their parents were. And MANY of the runners were in SHORTS and SKIMPY shirts. Oh well - look out for number one - that's me!!!!

Setting up the water station - well this was a Gatorade station

Tables loaded with cups of water

Double layers of cups

The calm before the storm

The police are coming - that means the runners are not far behind

The FIRST runner - he was wasting NO TIME and did not stop for water (as we knew)

Runner number TWO - look at those thighs

And then they started............ the first small bunches of runners

Oh oh - here they come

And more

And the street got fuller and fuller

And then is was CHAOS

The street was THIS FULL for ONE HOUR before it started to thin out...............

The runners were in SIX waves and there was supposed to be a few minutes between them. We only saw a break after the first wave. This guy on a bike camera was in between the first and second wave. Cool way to see the race!!!

Many people were dressed in costume. Saw TWO supermen, princesses, and this BLUE MAN in a morph suit.  Again - I don't ask questions!!!!!!!!

And this is what we are left with - THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of cups that we had to rake and shovel up

Loading the truck at the SECOND water station. They were VERY organized - that is because of Ron in the red jacket on the right

The back of his truck was VERY NEAT even with all those garbage bags piled in. 

My truck - not so much. We were barely able to get the door shut and not have anything hang out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At this point, I was very disappointed in the teen volunteers that I had. How many people and how long does it take to tie the top of a garbage bag and load it on the truck????   There were NO ADULTS with the one group of teens and well - I don't think ANY of them had done ANY THING at home. Again - I ask no questions, but I am sure they all went home with stories to tell their friends of the LOUD MOUTHED lady who yelled at them. Next time - I better make a YouTube Video to show them how to tie a garbage bag shut!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think Ron and I managed to sneak out around 2 o'clock which was good. I did NOT want to stay there all day sorting and cleaning up. We got our stuff organized and left.

I saw a few interesting things on the way home.................

A Canada goose with two babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And the weather - well it was the most bizarre day I have ever seen. We had cold and it warmed up SLIGHTLY. There was sun, there was wind, there was rain AND

THERE WAS HAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You could see the clouds just rolling through the sky. It was bizarre.

Then I arrived home and I so tired and hungry - I didn't know what to do - eat or sleep. M suggested a small snack and then a nap. Oh - those teens (well MY teen) are SO SMART. And that is exactly what I did, although my nap lasted 3 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!     Then it took me at least a half hour to get up enough energy to get off the couch!!!!!!!!!!!!

On that note - I will finish the rest of my Mother's Day in another post.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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