Saturday, May 25, 2013

Pampered Sit n Sew

It was the LAST Pampered Sit n Sew for the season. But do not fret - there are more scheduled for the fall. I have them posted in my calendar and just need to get the word out to you.

We were six yesterday and they were all busy (and keeping me busy). Technically, I am supposed to be doing the pressing AND the seam ripping. Funny how I get very little ripping to do, yet I know they are ripping. Hmmmmm - they don't like my ripping or they just don't want me to know they are ripping???  I think the latter. HEY - I do my fair share of ripping!!!!!

Kay and Ruth were working on their Stonehenge quilts - you will see the results in a couple of weeks. Ronda was working on Dear Jane - we'll see those results later today!  Daphne was getting borders on her Border Creek Station mystery and I didn't get a picture.

Pauline was VERY focused and look what she finished.

Paper pieced wedding ring star bed runner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    It is just STUNNING

Close up of bed runner. 

We started this as a class back in the fall and Pauline has been faithfully working on it at my Sit n Sew days. I am jealous that mine is not done, but I will get it done - just not now!!!!!

Susan came prepared and was making these adorable Suzy Sacks by This n That

Suzy Sacks

Has a little loop on the back that you can attach to your belt or bicycle???? I think when I get to that stage of making some, I might make that handle shorter and use velcro?????  As that hardware can add up.

Anyway - it was an AMAZING day. Thanks for all the laughs. We had a great time!!!!!!!!

After they all left, I was debating. I should be in the garden, I should be quilting, but I ALSO have to get my postcards done for MONDAY. I decided to work on the postcards.

ALL the bits and pieces (including the backings) are prepped and ready to go. 

One finished postcard

Just having fun with stuff - oil sticks, some dragon fly charms that I found for a very cheap price and some dragon fly fabric and a bit of metallic thread. This is the prototype - the rest may change a bit.

So I am in good shape to get them done for Monday. Got the quilt trimmed that needs to be done by Monday and just have to sew the binding on. OK - so I still have TWO quilts to get quilted by Monday evening.

Got most of the homework prepped for class this morning - YEP - I am in good shape and NO RUSHING. I like that.

You can call me obsessed if you want, but I was BACK in the gym last night for a SECOND spin class of the day. YES - ME - who used to hate spin class. This time was a bit different as we got to watch a movie - The 2012 Ironman in Hawaii - THE Ironman. Oh my goodness - what pressure, what stress and the TOP people complete it in 8 or 9 hours (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride AND a 26.2 mile run). My brain just can't compute that - well it can, but since I can't swim nor run - my body just goes into convulsions at the thought!!!!!!!!!!!!   It was a great class and you can get so focused that you don't realize that you are working out at the same time - another 40 KM (to add to the 28 from the morning) on the day for me. YES - I need to get outside, but at least I am getting some time in the saddle. And I don't make these rides easy, but they are not that hard. Just like riding outside!!!!

I'm sorry if I go on and on about the classes and working out, but the more I work out, the more I WANT TO. I used to be like this - I used to work out EVERY morning and then more on the weekends. I just felt so pumped up when I got home last night - I mean who doesn't want to feel like that??????   And the best (worse) thing - you really really DO NOT crave food. - JUNK food. You eat because you are LITERALLY HUNGRY, but not because of all the reasons that we normally eat junk food. Doesn't stop me from eating junk, but I don't crave it. And you really want to eat healthy. Hard to explain unless you get to that point I suppose. Anyway - trust me!!!!!

Sparky was upset because she was all alone in the house last night (well Sammy was here, but she doesn't count). But if this is the worst that she destroys - I am OK.

Tim's Hot chocolate cups - Sparky's favourite thing to devour!!

I am trying to get things organized so I can blog from my new tablet. Well after doing some investigation (and if my head would have thought about it), I would have realized that ALL the pictures that I post on this blog are actually sitting on the internet in MY Picasso web albums. Who knew??????    Through the grape vine, I found a great new app for the tablet that I can use to do the blog if I don't have access to the web (a great word processing program that was free - Quick Office). Now I just have to figure out the pictures and I more worried about the SIZE - I don't want to run out of room. But I think if I upload them to Picasso, then just plug them into Blogger from Picasso - I should be good to go.   I see that I have currently used 6.7% of my available storage. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Now to just set up a new album and keep those pictures sizes down and I'm in great shape.

I will try to test that option tomorrow and then I am set. I came across a blog yesterday of another person doing the same trip. He lives in Alberta and he has done some training with another fellow Albertan.

Fellow Crazy cyclist blog

On that note - it is time to get to work.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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