Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Stonehenge REVEAL for May

Another group project is winding down. We have ONE MORE show n tell for our Jamestown meets Stonehenge class. At that point we should have finished TOPS and maybe a finished quilt or two????  You never know.

Anyway - here is our show n tell from yesterday.................

One of the earth tone quilts with the blocks sewn together but no borders yet  (the borders were assigned yesterday)
Jewel tone version - blocks together, but NO borders yet

Another jewel tone (yes  - I did not open them up. Don't want to spoil the big reveal next month!!!!)

A different colour way and she has started to add borders

Another earth tone

Another jewel box

Oh yes - many of the class had their tops together. Very impressive ladies!!!!

A few just had their blocks for this month.............

Earth tone

Another earth tone - wait a minute - what's going on here????????

Do you see what I see??????

Yep - some of the pieces on the block on the left got sewn together backwards. The version on the right side is the correct one. However we all agreed that we really really liked the one on the left. A new block is born!!!!!

Jewel tone blocks

Earth tone blocks

More jewel tones

Another independent colour way

An interesting combination for the borders!!!!!   

There you have it - some very exciting stuff. And NO - I still have NOT found that missing block (the log cabin). I have no idea where I put it. I know that as soon as I make another one - the missing one will pop up. So I have decided to NOT make that extra block at this time. I don't have time to finish it at this moment. A project for the fall.

Then we had some other show n tell as well. Maureen brought this machine embroidered towel - I LOVE IT!!!!

A Lorelie Design (I LOVE everything Lorelie does!!)

It has been stormy here and last night was no exception. EXCEPT we did not get a storm, but it was in the air and while the people in our house could not tell, poor Sparky was NOT a happy dog. She was lying in the living room, trembling. We must look into getting her a thunder coat!!!   But in the meantime - we gave her, the THUNDER quilt.

She did NOT want to relax.

But eventually the storm passed and all was well again, but she lay under that quilt for a LONG time. 

Oh my goodness - I have to say that my upcoming trip is on my mind all the time. And I have so much work to get done before I leave. While I can't say that I am worrying, I am thinking about what has to be done before I go, what has to be packed, the training, the quilting, the garden, BLAH BLAH BLAH. I know I can't wait until I am sitting on that plane on June 16 at 9 AM. Then I will be able to let go!!!!!!!!!!!!

Had a GREAT spin class this morning. The instructor was telling us a story as we climbed hills and more hills and even more hills, but I imagined North and French mountains as she talked and you know what - they are merely hills. Something to look forward to - a challenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    I do feel much more physically and mentally prepared for this trip. Experience does help.

On that note - I have to get busy - loads to get done today.

Have an AWESOME day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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