Saturday, May 11, 2013

Another binding bites the dust!!!!!!!!!!!

As a child I read a LOT. I was a sickly kid and so wasn't allowed to do a lot of work. Nope - I'm lying - while I was prone to illness, I worked VERY hard in the garden and dusted and ironed!!!   I was the queen of weeding and hilling potatoes!!!!

The one room school house that I attended did NOT have a library. Once a month, our teacher would go to town and bring a new batch of books to read. That was a VERY EXCITING day. I don't even remember how many or what they were - but I think I read everything she brought.

I remember one day saying to myself that I was going to read EVERY BOOK in the world. OK - so I was little and had NO CLUE about the big world.

Now - there are so MANY books that I want to read, there is no way that I can even read those that are on my reading list. And every day - there are MANY MANY more books being published that I want to read.

Well, I will just have to pick and choose. Before, I used to read something because I liked the author, but my tastes have changed and there are some authors that I liked before that I will NOT read any more.  My tastes are becoming more "mature" and I need a bit more meat in my books. Oh dear - who knew!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finished up TWO books yesterday - one by an Icelandic author (Arnaldur Indrisdon - there is a funny accent on the second D - so may be hard to find in the library)- who I happened upon after I went to Iceland. Very dark, very depressing book, but I enjoyed it. The story takes place in Iceland and it makes it much more interesting when you have been there, although I didn't recognize anything in this book. The other one was an audio book by James Patterson. I didn't enjoy it as much as I have in the past. Perhaps, JP is going to be another author that is going to fall by the wayside.

I hope in the fall to get back into the local book club. They have some interesting books that I would NEVER have picked up and I enjoyed the ones that I did manage to read.

However while listening to the last CD of the audio book, I managed to get ONE MORE BINDING DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    This is pretty exciting. I am working my way through that basket - one by one. I think there are SIX left. Yes - STILL SIX quilts to be bound. How did that happen????   And then what to do with them?????

Oh well - let's get them bound and then labels - LOTS of labels to put on. Never a dull moment

Sorry - there are NO PICTURES this morning. I am having to leave in 5 minutes to go down town to load up my truck for another race event tomorrow. I managed to snag TWO helpers this morning so hopefully it will go quick.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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