Monday, July 29, 2013

Day 31 - Taylor's Cover to Quetico

Oh my goodness - I have to go so far back. There just has been NO internet or cell se rvice for that matter for a LONG time. Let's just say that Northern Ontario should be known for the communications blackout unless you happen to be a tbaytel customer.

We all had a GREAT nights sleep which was something we all needed after that crazy storm we had.

It was another LONG day. Neil, Michel and I started out, but after 40 K, I decided to head off on my own. Just needed a day to myself. I rode quite hard and fast or so I thought. I am sure when I view the stats that there will be no difference in the numbers. (even though I have done a hard reset on my GPS - I am still not able to view the numbers - drat!!!) . I shall be having a chat with Garmin when this is over, but at least I am able to manually download the information, but NOT on my tablet.

Although the terrain was pretty easy today, there was a MASSIVE head wind again. What is with all this headwind??????

I stretched a bit on the bike to loosen up, but have to say that I am doing just fine physically. Guess those spin classes really do work. I am now committed to continuing with the spin classes. The thing about spin classes is that you can't coast - you have to be constantly pedaling whereas on a bike - you can take a break and coast for a moment or two. Depends on how much wind there is. If there is a LOT of wind like today, well when you stop pedaling, you stop moving or pretty much.

One of the things that I love about riding is that I think of everything and nothing while I am riding. Of course that depends on the road conditions. If they are crap - then I am focused on the road and think of nothing, but if they are decent, then I can look around and think of whatever. I play a lot of mind games as well depending on the day to help. I find that talking with someone is very distracting (I always have) and so I don't talk much while I am riding.

I tag teamed with Bill and Yukon Greg today. I did a small side trip into Aitikoken with them for pie and ice cream. Well worth the side trip - the little restaurant was full of locals - it definitely wasn't a tourist stop. On the map - there was a note about a hill going into town. At this point, there is NO hill that is a challenge for us. The hill turned out to be nothing.

I got into camp early which is always exciting. Got to just sit around and do nothing.Well once the tent was up and stuff was organized for the next day.

There are so many bugs around. It is quite sad when you have a shower and your after shower lotion is AFTER BITE!!!!!!  And then you put bug spray on to keep the bugs away!!!!!   Oh yes - my skin looks disgusting!!!!

The temperature is dropping and it is going to be a cold night tonight. While I appreciate the cooler nights, it would be nice to have a bit of warmth once in a while.
I am OK in my tent as I have a pretty good sleeping bag, but with the perspiration of sleeping - well it gets a bit damp sometimes.

We had lots of mosquitoes but were able to evade them at breakfast by eating at the lake where there was a nice breeze. We all stood or sat on a big rock and watched the people on the lake. Although there were no mosquitos there - I am sure we have eaten tons of them in our eggy bread.

Today was 160 K (I see that in my notes). Our camp site has nice washrooms with signs talking about dehydration. I meant to take a picture of the sign, but forgot. There are FIVE levels of dehydration depending on the colour!   Of course, there is a Pepsi machine just outside the washroom that also sells water. You think there is a little marketing going on there??????

OK - that covers another day. Going to try and catch up as much as I can.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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