Monday, July 22, 2013

Day 26 - Portage la Prairie - Beausejour

OK - going to try and read my hen scratch notes and get the blog updated.

Went to bed at 8 PM last night. I was very tired and slept the entire night. A GREAT sleep.

We got an early start this morning as we have two LONG days ahead of us. We are doing what is called a CENTURY ride which essentially means 100 MILES. We basically had one already earlier this week, but people got freaked out because we are doing two of them back to back. It really isn't a big deal - I mean you have no choice so get on the bike and ride.

For the first 68 K, there was nothing but winding country road.

It just so happens that Michel's granddaughter was visiting family in the area and we were going RIGHT PAST their house. How is that!!!!!!!!    So we were first stopped by a neighbour who had been alerted by the other family. We chatted for a few minutes and then down the road - there was Michel's grand daughter. It was pretty neat. By this time, I had to go to the washroom so although it is very RUDE to just ask strangers to use the washroom, I did and I got to ride up to the house on the back of the ATV!!!!!   Oh - how nice to go somewhere and not have to use my own steam to get there!!!!!

Michel got a couple of bundles of homemade cookies (which he shared with the group at dinner).

Then we meandered our way into Winnipeg!!!!!  Thank goodness Neil (and if you had sharp shooting eyes - you would have noticed that I keep spelling Neil's name incorrectly. Yep - for some reason - I spell his name Neal!  DUH!!!!!)

For the most part we took the bike paths which in case turned into the JUNGLE tour near the river. For the most part, the paths were awesome. But this jungle path - well we really needed a mountain bike! Thank goodness, it did not last too long. I think the original path we were supposed to take is under water.

Neil met up with some of his coworkers in downtown Winnipeg, while Michel and I waited. We were NOT leaving Neil behind since he is the master navigator so I was sticking like glue to him!

My friend, Jen works right down town, but unfortunately I didn't get a chance to hook up with her. We had lunch at The Forks which is a very touristy area of Winnipeg.

Then we meandered our way out of Winnipeg and Neil was like a local, the way he zipped around those paths. I was very impressed. I still kept an eye on the map in the event that he decided to pull a fast one and make me do a few extra kilometers that I didn't want to do.

We were getting closer to camp when we hit upon a CRAPPY road. It had NO SHOULDERS and there was at least one quarry. I only saw one, but then I was so focused on the road, I didn't see any other quarries although the others in the group insisted there were at least three on the road. But the traffic and the number of gravel trucks was INCREDIBLE. You could not ride very well on the  gravel shoulder, but I did, because riding on the road was downright DANGEROUS. No other word to describe it. NO ONE was happy with that section of road. Thankfully it was only about 10 K long, but 10 K too long for me.

We got lucky for the next part because we had a tail wind and were protected by trees from any of the bad winds. It was great and a nice change from the crappy road earlier. For the most part the day was FLAT. I like flat days!!!!!

The GPS is NOT allowing me to view my data. We had a time change during the day and I am not sure if that was what screwed up the data or what. The satellites changed the time part way through the day so that might have done it. Who knows. Let's just hope the data is still there. I just can't see the summary, but I can see all the numbers as I ride and I need that!!!!

We had a late dinner because of the long day and people taking a bit of time to get into camp. We do try to wait until everyone is in before we eat. So we snack a lot which is probably why we are not losing any weight!!!!!  I had 1.5 L of chocolate milk today and about three cans of pop. I know - I shouldn't be drinking the pop, but it is one of the cold things we have to drink at the end of the day and it has sugar in it!!!!  Seems like we can't drink enough, but I DO NOT drink after dinner because I do NOT want to have to get up in the night. So far it is working!!!!

I was very hungry on the road today. Not sure why that was, just hungrier than usual. And at this point - I don't think anyone is caring what they eat or how much they eat or drink. We need the calories and I am taking all that I can get. There are some days when I cannot eat much. Not sure what the difference is, but anyway - I am surviving.

There were TWO washrooms at this place. An OK washroom and a NICE washroom. The nice washroom was farther away so had to ride my bike to that one, but it was so worth it. I forgot my towel when I went for a shower, but no worry - it was pretty hot today (that is why we drank so much) and I dried off pretty quickly.

First day with a bit of chaffing (in case you were wondering about that!!!). I do not use any of the creams, gels, or butters. I have lots of calluses in all the right places I guess, but a long day in the heat - well that just isn't good news for a cyclist. But I seemed to be fine once I got off the bike.

It is mail day. Oh my - I got so much good stuff - Flat Flo is now with me!!!!   Well a reasonable facsimile. Thanks Flo - I love it!!!!   I had a good laugh when I opened that one. M sent me a paper blog with pictures and a Micheal's flyer to make me feel at home!  A fabric postcard from Tish, a card from my aunt and a couple of regular postcards. I love getting the mail and I think of it when I am out on the road slogging it out. Thanks to everyone who sent me mail. I REALLY REALLY appreciate it.

I have started to roll out my legs with my spiky ball to keep the muscles loose. Oh boy - that can be a bit painful, but so far it has helped. My legs are doing great.

And while we were in camp a reporter from the local newspaper came by. He took our picture and got some comments from some of us. The newspaper is called The Clipper from Beausejour. I checked online and did NOT see us in the paper. I guess something bumped us!!!!!

Well - I have been interrupted MANY times as people from our group came and got info on local bike stores. I managed to get someone to buy me a chain for my bike. I need to put a new one on, but I really don't feel like wandering around town. I want to get this silly blog updated. I am going to owe Myra!!!!!

On that note - I am done for this post.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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