Friday, July 12, 2013

Day 19 - Outlook to Craik

OK - so we are now in Manitoba and I am WAY BEHIND on the blog. I am going to try and write at least one entry and I will forgo the pictures for tonight. Hopefully one of these days we will get a good connection and I can get caught up.

We have a 125 K day. No tail wind, but it wasn't a bad day. A good temperature - not too hot and NO rain.

Again, the various riding groups played tag team and a whole bunch of us ended up in Kenaston where we took a neat group picture by the big snowman. Apparently Kenaston is the BLIZZARD capital of the world. Again another spot where M and I had visited in the past. Well I have been at the big snowman a couple of times - looking at LARGE road side attractions and geocaching!!!!   I know - bizarre things to draw me in!!!

While one is riding there is a lot that you can enjoy. Like the frogs in the sloughs by the side of the road. Yesterday and today, there were some pretty loud frogs in several spots along the road. Definitely one of those things that you wouldn't be able to enjoy from a car.

Danny saw a moose and was able to get some neat pictures of it. So far, I have seen ONE deer. It was standing by the side of the road and by the time I got my camera out and realized the lens cap was on the camera - well the deer was bounding down the road!!!!

The shoulders of the road could have been better. Very narrow and broken in lots of places. But we were also on divided highway for part of the way and that made the riding very enjoyable. The truck traffic on the opposite side of us was no bother with the winds and those trucks that were going in the same direction as us tended to move over into the passing lane. It made for a very enjoyable ride.

We also stopped at a couple of places along the road to get pictures of the big iron men and the giant sized coffee pot.

There was a bit of a gravel road down into the camp ground. Yikes - haven't been on gravel in a while!  But it was fine. We got into camp early and were able to relax which was great. There was a martin house (bird house) in the area where we were tenting so that kept the mosquitoes at bay. I want one of those in every camp ground.

We met two ladies from Regina and Regina Beach who were camping. They were older - I don't know what their age is, but they were having a great time. I don't' know if I will want to camp after this trip!!!!!   Just kidding - I am getting so used to it that it really isn't a big deal. I don't even miss sleeping in a bed. I am quite comfortable - got my routine down pat and I am pretty happy.

I do have to say that having a routine and a bag for everything makes the camping a whole lot easier. I have a bag with toiletries. That is pretty self explanatory. I have a shower bag - has a towel, and my clothes that I will wear after my next shower. I have my three ziploc bags with my cycling clothes. I have my handlebar bag that is for all the stuff I need on the bike and I have a laundry bag. The trick is to keep these bags UP TO DATE. Everything has to be put back in the appropriate bag and so far with the exception of forgetting to bring the back with the cycling clothes into the tent once or twice the system works like a charm.

So I have a number of pictures to update, but I will do that when I get a more stable internet connection.

I also have stats that I would like to share with you, but hard to pull them off the internet. I have ONE day that I can't seem to download so may have to add that in manually. Can't wait for the next rest day when I am just going to relax and do NOTHING. Well except laundry and visit with a friend.

On that note - I am off to bed - well maybe I will sneak another post in.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!


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