Sunday, March 27, 2016

24 hours later..............

Bet you're wondering why there wasn't a blog yesterday.  Perhaps it is best to let Lexi explain that one!

So here is what I was going to post yesterday!

I had to prep the homework for my two short classes on Saturday morning. And this stuff always takes way longer than you think it will.  But I got everything done that I needed to despite the fact that I couldn't find one of the patterns for a while.  Ooops - it was stashed under a bunch of stuff on the cutting table.  I did spend some time tidying up a bit as well because seriously - this mess isn't getting any better.

Here is the center block for the Reminisce quilt.
Reminisce by Lori Smith (From My Heart to Your Hands)

My center block

Wow - wait until you see what the class did - their blocks were phenomenal and hard to believe that we all worked from the same instructions.   Got to get those edited.

Some people wanted to make their quilt larger and so this is the starting point for all, but the quilt will go in different directions depending on what the end goal is for them.

The next step was to make the row of flying geese.  I got my geese all made, since I'm doing it scrappy, I had to cut all those little side pieces with my Marti Michell templates. But I used up a bunch of scraps and that made me very happy!

Flying geese - all trimmed and ready to sew

The trimmings
 And not bad - I had two bits leftovers.  I'd rather it be that way, than be two bits short!!!

Two extra pieces

And I managed to get those FIVE playmats quilted.  Now they need to be cut apart, but they look awesome.  I don't think I have enough binding for them all, but I'll get more at work. Besides, I'm not sure I have time today to get working on them - I have a customer quilt to do and a couple of things for a magazine and of course things take time - way more time and then there is Lexi to deal with! Life was much calmer BL (Before Lexi!)

Five playmats are ready to be cut apart

If you frequent Tim's, you have probably noticed that Roll up the Rim is over.  It seemed very short this year and look at my haul compared to other years.   A paltry 8 items.  Good grief - what happened.


Oh dear - this is really sad, but look what I found................


Well - I knew they were getting stingy and now I can provie it.  Although in the past, I did get winning tickets from DH, but I got nothing from him this year.  Hmm.

Amazing what information you can find out when you keep a journal/blog.

Well - if you are expecting an e-mail from me - not sure it is going to happen. And if I'm expecting an e-mail from you, not sure that is going to happen either.  It's a whole long story that I won't go into at the moment. Let's just say that there's a MAJOR e-mail SNAFU happening and I have no idea how to fix it.  I think I can e-mail from my phone and also receive, but not on the computer.  GRRR!

On that note - I'm off to try and get some of these crazy tasks done today.

Have a great day!!!


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