Wednesday, March 23, 2016


I love the Modern Quilt Guild.  Once a month, they have a webinar which is included in the price of the membership.  It's a great opportunity to listen to speakers without leaving home or incurring costs. Perhaps that will become the way of regular guild meetings???

Anyway, the webinar last night was all about striving for perfection and why that is a bad thing. There are many reasons why we shouldn't strive for perfection and why we shouldn't force our kids to strive for perfection. 

I'm very happy to report that I'm far from perfect. And I'm very happy about that. However, I will admit that it has taken years to get comfortable with that notion and there are times when I fall back into the perfect trap. If you've been following me on QUILTSocial this week, you'll see that I've loosened my standards for some things. Don't get me wrong - my work still looks very professional and very neat, but if a point or two don't match, I'm not going to sweat it!

And just wait until you see what happened with the QUILTSocial project this coming Friday.  I almost died laughing when I realized what happened.  It's pretty funny. But in the meantime, you can check out today's QUILTSocial

The webinar also covered things like time management where I'm falling behind a bit.  Oh - I'm getting loads of things done and I'm always busy, but the speaker last night referred to the Covey Quadrant.  Do you know what that is???  I used to know as we always had time management classes when I worked at HP. 

Image result for covey quadrant
Stephen Covey's Time Management Matrix
As expected, I spend most of my time in the URGENT/IMPORTANT category.  Notice what it says - crises - pressing problems - projects with deadlines. 

And I spend time in Quadrant 4 and not enough in Quadrant 2 which is the one I should be spending a lot of time in. 

But I'm loving my little book and weekly priority system and I'm making progress. 

Now here's something for all you on my case about the Row by Row.  I know exactly what I'm going to do for the 2014 plates. I want to put the project in an invitational show at Quilt Canada in June.  I know - I haven't even started it yet!   I've done some planning, though!   The deadline for the entry and a PICTURE is the middle of April.  I guess I know what I'm going to be doing in the next couple of weeks.  While I know for the most part what I'm doing, it was the method that stumped me.  However in the essence of time (see deadlines are good for decision making), I've decided the method and now to finish the planning and let's get started!!!! 

So if you want to see a very creative (well I think it's creative) way to use those license plates, you better plan on coming to Quilt Canada in June in Toronto (well actually it's in Mississauga). And don't forget to sign up for my two lectures which are going to be a total hoot.  I won't post the final picture until after Quilt Canada!

On that note - I have Quadrant 1, 2 and 4 work that needs to be done today and I'd better get my act together. 

Have a great day!!!!


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