Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Guardian!

Now I bet you're thinking that I'm talking about Lexi. Nope - she has a whole pile of stories to share with you but not today.

Nope - this was my greeting when I arrived at the office yesterday.  I hear a HONK and then I looked up.  He appeared to be all alone.

The Guardian

I just had to buy this pattern when I was at the Lancaster show.  Studio Kat (the designer) had a whole booth full of very interesting bags.  I wanted to pick one up but when I got looking, I had to buy this one  - more for the packaging than for the actual bag, although I think the bag is very nice.

The Guardian bag pattern

But look close - look real close.  Do you see what is on the pattern front?  I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it. Then I read the words  WOW!!!!!

Lexi (and Little Sammy) - we're not in Canada anymore!

I told the designer that I was from Canada and buying the pattern just for the novelty of it and if I ever made the bag, I would put my passport in there. Notice that you can use it whether you are left or right handed. Can you imagine shooting someone through the side of your purse???   The office all got a good chuckle from this pattern.

There is even a disclaimer on the reverse side which is pretty funny!!!!  

Disclaimer for the bag!

Sadly this is a reality in the US.  Gosh, I heard someone was shot and killed at one of the toll booths for the PA Turnpike that I had been on the night before.  But not at any of the toll booths that I went through. Well maybe, maybe not, cause I had no idea where I was!!!

I'll be sharing a few more of my purchases as I manage to weed through the stuff for home and the stuff for work.

Check out QUILTSocial today.  I'm doing something I hate - sewing binding by sewing machine!   One day I will perfect this technique. I have made a new rule for the QUILTSocial blogs. My goal is to finish at least one project for every week of posting.  Mission accomplished this week.  Stay tuned!

On that note - it's time to get to work.

Have a great day!



  1. I'm in the US and I am so saddened to see that. :( That's certainly not the reality everywhere!

  2. Anne thanks for your comment. Yes I appreciate that carrying a gun is NOT the norm (at least I hope not). It is just such a novel idea for us Canadians who wouldn't even think about it! I was just very surprised to see this pattern! I guess the designer caters to everyone. Hopefully you live in a safe neighbourhood. Elaine