Saturday, March 19, 2016

Lancaster Quilt Show Day Three

What can I say - more of the same!   Didn't really get a chance to get out much - the show was quite busy yesterday.

I did manage to sneak out later in the day and I'm glad I did.  I found a new designer that I want to work with.  I'd seen her at QUILTCON, and I loved her stuff then and when I saw her this time - I still love her stuff.  I had a good chat with her and we are set!!!!!

Then I was looking at other designers who have booths here and OH MY - I found the perfect couple of projects for work.  Well - I did at the other booth as well.  I'm excited to take those patterns back to work. I think they are going to fit our bill perfectly!!!!

Yes - I decided to save my pocketbook and shop for the company. Much cheaper that way!!!!

Rich and I went out for dinner and had another great chat!  I'm getting so much information and learning so much and so exciting to be learning it from the vendor perspective.  Yep - I so like coming to the shows as a vendor.  Way more exciting! And I shall try to influence the market/industry in my own little way!

I was back in the hotel room by 8 PM and I could barely read my book.  I went to sleep!  The days are long - but at least we have chairs in our booth or I'd be absolutely dead!!

On that note - I'm hungry and it's check out time so must pack up all my stuff.

Have a great day!


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