Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Singing the Blues...............

Of course, you've noticed that quilt magazines come and go.  In the last 20 years, I've seen a lot of magazines fold, a few new ones start up, some even started and folded in that time period!

One magazine that's been around for a long, long time is Quilter's Newsletter.

You have to check out the latest issue of Quilter's Newsletter. Shoot  - the current issue is still Feb/March on their website, but we get copies in advance.  Anyway - a quilter friend of mine from North Battleford, Saskatchewan has a FOUR PAGE article in the April/May issue about her solo show from 2015.    Well - it's more than that - it is Heather's journey as she used quilting to cope and recover from depression.

April/May issue of Quilter's Newsletter

You've got to buy it to read it!

Now if you remember last summer, I had the good fortune to travel across the country, visited quilt shows and other things that were fun for a quilter to do.   I wrote a series for QUILTSocial - 50 ways to keep a Quilter Happy While on Vacation and I got to meet Heather in the gallery where her show was on display.

Here is a link to my post on Heather's solo show.   Does that mean I scooped Quilter's Newsletter?

I'm certainly learning more about the magazine business - not that we are in that business, but we advertise in the magazines, we provide content and lots of fabric for the magazines and we get to meet the editors in person and well - that kind of thing is always exciting - at least to me!

I won't go into the story of my magazine collection  - let's just say that it is extensive and if I were to read all those magazines - what a knowledgeable and resourceful person I would be.  Of course - I've learned a lot by just cozying up to those magazines.  You know - telepathic transfer of knowledge!

That is one area that I seriously need to clean up - not sure how or when, but it has to be done!

My favourite place to purchase magazines is the Sherway location of Chapters because they have the largest selection of any location that I know of.  The other week when I went downtown to the Toronto MQG meeting, I stopped to browse the magazine section.  I rarely get subscriptions to anything - I like to flip through the magazines.  So I arrived at the store only to find a HUGE sale and big signs announcing STORE CLOSING.   WHAT??????   NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!       The magazine racks were EMPTY!   I asked someone - and it seems that this store is moving into the Sherway Mall in May  (yeah - can't wait to find parking in that mall parking lot!).

I asked about the magazines, if the ones they carried (not all Chapter's carry the same magazines), were being shipped to another location. NOPE!  Just cancelled them for three months!   I can't believe it!   Seriously - they couldn't plan this move better???  Here is a link to their Facebook page.   Obviously,  I don't know a lot about moving a bookstore. Not that I visited this location every week - I got there about once every 5 weeks, but it seriously was the BEST location for magazine browsing.  I guess I'll be visiting my second best location which is the one near Dundas and 403.  NOT that I need to buy any magazines anyway - we get tons of them in the office.  I don't buy those ones - but I still buy others!

On that note - I'm out of here - loads to get done and so little time!!!!  And I have work to do for the editors of a couple of the magazines that has to be done today!  Never mind my quilt projects that have to be made!

Have an awesome day!!!!   (seriously - how could you not when the weather outside is DELIGHTFUL!)


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