Wednesday, March 2, 2016

A look at Modern Charity quilts

There is this stigma about Modern quilts.  Not enough variety, too simple, just want to get it done quickly and I agree with some of that to a certain extent.

However this past weekend, I became a member of the Toronto Modern Quilt Guild and the people in that guild are just as caring, just as giving, just as supportive as any traditional quilt guild that I've been in. I would say it is almost MORE welcoming than a regular guild because it is SMALL.  We all sit in a circle and ooh and aah collectively over everyone's projects.  We get to chat and to know EACH and EVERY member and while this was only my second meeting, I was greeted by people who remembered me from the last meeting.   OK - so it helps that I'm a LOUD person (and I don't mean my voice), but I sat beside someone who was there for the first time and I chatted with her and hopefully made her feel welcome.

It is refreshing to try new techniques and to see the new quilters/sewers beam with pride when they do their show n tell.

Here is the show n tell from this past weekend. A huge variety and loads of fun.    Oh shoot - I can't find the link to that show n tell.  OK - I took a couple of pictures - I'll upload those.

Quilt top made from bingo blocks

The VERY CREATIVE backing of a traditional quilt made with Northcott Stonehenge!

Shoot - if I can find that link with the rest of the show n tell, I'll post it - it was fun!!!!

And the Toronto Modern Quilt Guild made 46 quilts for the refugees.  They are going to have a flash mob photos on March 5 if anyone can help out.

Anyone up for holding a quilt?

The Modern Quilt Guild has a big charity event every year.

They pick a pallette and/or theme and individual members or guilds can make a quilt.  The quilts are on display at Quiltcon.  I had posted some of these quilts while I was at the show, but here are ALL the charity quilts.  Some of them are very complex, some of them are very clever and some of them are just fun!  Enjoy!!!!    I'm not doing well with finding stuff - the link with the explanation and the colors to work with were on the web site and I can't find them now.

Ooops - found that link.  Here it is so you can understand a bit more about these quilts.    That link is for members only, but hopefully you'll be able to see it.

I didn't take pictures of all the labels, but some of them are from Canadian guilds, some are from individuals and some are group quilts.

I was BUSTED taking this picture

These quilts were on the stage where they did the award presentation.  On one of the mornings where there were lectures, I went into this room to get the photo.  A crew person followed me in and asked me to leave!  I wasn't supposed to be in there at that time since they were setting up.  No worries - I had my photo by then and I was gone!

Hopefully that will inspire you to take a different look at the modern quilt world.  I'm excited about it and can't wait to get started on my next modern quilt!

Have a great day!!!!!


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  1. Hi Elaine! A great post! So glad that you are excited by your guild and modern quilting. I joined my guild, Maritime Modern Quilt Guild, in Halifax, in late Nov. of 2013 and I am so enthralled with it all that I can't even describe it. My dream is to attend QuiltCon someday. You are so lucky to have been there. The charity quilts are beyond amazing.

    1. Hi Linda - thanks for your comment! So glad that you are enjoying the modern quilt guild. I can't put my finger on why they are different, but they are and I love it. If you go to Savannah in 2017 - let me know. I'd love to meet! Elaine (And yes - everyone of those charity quilts blew me away! - so creative!)

  2. Oh thank you so much for posting all the charity quilt photos! I had registered for Quiltcon on day 1 but ended up cancelling ladt minute. I did get to work on one of these with my Sacramento MQG, the flower petal one (16th photo, on the left.) It is awesome to ser it in context. I am super-impressed by all of them! I am looking forward to seeing what you make for your next modern quilt!

    1. How neat is that! I wish I had more time to take a proper photo of each with each guild name attached. I haven't figured out how to be that organized! Too bad you had to cancel out - it really was a great show, but life/family priorities take over! If you get to Savannah in 2017 - let me know and we can meet up! Elaine