Friday, March 18, 2016

Lancaster Quilt Show - Day Two

I think the office back home is never going to send me on a road trip again!  Nope - I'm coming home with my head swimming with ideas and it's going to take a long time to digest them all.   If I was like Shirley - I'd be in my room making notes!

Matter of fact when I arrived at the booth yesterday, Shirley presented me with a handout of all the ideas we had discussed the day before.   She brings a printer along with her!  It was pretty funny but extremely useful since I got all the ideas and can follow up on them.  I also have a lot of my own ideas and thoughts and need to get them sorted out.

Anyway - the trip so far has been amazing and as much as I have whined in the past that I never wanted to go to another big quilt show (after my 1999 Houston experience), I'm having fun. But then it is a different story to be a vendor as to being a consumer!  I think I like coming as a vendor (even though there is set up and take down) rather than coming as a consumer!

I think we are doing a great job here. People are excited to see us, we have great activities in the booth (freebies  - which everyone likes!)  and getting to meet a lot of people.  I've seen TWO people so far that I know.  One from back home and one is a designer that we're working with.

People also love the quilts that we have in the booth and that is encouraging.  I chatted with a vendor yesterday (a sewing machine vendor) and all she has heard is complaints about her company or the products and that is very frustrating.

Managed to get out and look at the quilts - well those on our floor yesterday before the show opened. Wow - some amazing pieces of work, some of them I had already seen at Houston. The style of quilting is very very different from QUILTCON.  Some of the quilts are so heavily quilted, they are like cardboard and I thought the quilt I just completed was heavily quilted.  It was nothing compared to these quilts. I think I like the density of the modern quilts better than these ones.  Although one has to keep in mind that these quilts are show quilts and will never be used.  Still - I appreciate the quilting, but can't see myself doing it.

I did buy a couple of things at one booth yesterday but keeping myself in check!  More or less.

After the show ended, Shirley and I headed out to Intercourse, Pennsylania.  What an absolutely quaint little town. And two quilt stores!!!!  I did take pictures, but I'm having a very hard time with the internet here.  I do have a plan while I'm here, but it doesn't seem to be working properly and I can't seem to upload anything at the convention center despite the fact that there is internet.  I have no idea and no time to figure it out!!!!

While I was at one of the stores in Intercourse, I saw they had the new license plate for Row by Row.  Couldn't help myself.
First plates for 2016!!!!!

I also bought one at Zook's as well. That was our second stop of the evening.  I've decided that I will participate again in 2016.  That took all over 2 seconds to break that rule!   Shirley is on my case and  she is way too practical for me!!!!  However, I'm only going to purchase plates at stores that I visit in person.  No trading, no swapping, no exchanges.  It got insane last year and I'm not going to repeat that. So I now have three!!!!   It will be a good souvenir for the year!

I have to say that I HATE this computer.  It is my laptop from work, but I usually use an external keyboard and mouse.  This mouse is so sensitive (I think I've complained about it before) that I must find if there is a sensitivity level to change.

Oh yes - I forgot about the other excitement from last night.  I made it back to the hotel around 9 PM.  I'm sitting here and I can hear sirens getting louder and louder. Many of them. Wow - that sounds serious.  Then I look out the window because they are really close and look at that - they are outside the hotel.  Next thing I know - there are all kinds of firemen in the hall outside my door!!!!   I had heard a very annoying beeping sound since I got back to the hotel.  I heard them talk about getting the building engineer in - there was a false alarm for something!!!!    I hear that firemen are supposed to be good looking, but with all that equipement - you can't see a thing!!!   I mean these guys had tanks on their backs, hats, boots, the whole nine yards!!!     Thankfully it was a false alarm!   And no I didn't take a picture!

On that note - I'm off to get ready for the day.

Have a great day!!!!


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