Wednesday, March 16, 2016

In the car.....

After my little incident with that online application and the fact that I didn't get everything done - I had to get up early.   Out of the house by 6 AM or shortly thereafter.   Starting the day off tired.

It was going to be a long day as it was pouring rain when I left.  I hate driving in the rain and I hate driving when it is dark and raining.   And I was a little concerned because I was going through the border. But no quilts were harmed in the border crossing and none should have been as they technically do not fit the "commercial samples" category.  But you hear these horror stories!

However, the border crossing was a piece of cake and the rain decreased once I was in the US.   I swear that the GPS took me around in circles - I was never going to get there.  I had to stop for bathroom breaks twice, then a stop for gas, then lunch and yes - I had to pull over in a rest area and have a nap. None of those events happened at the same stop - so yes - I stopped five different times.  It wasn't my best drive!

I did listen to a great book on the way down - called Creativity Inc by Ed Catmull who was the President of Pixar - the company that made the first animated movie completely made on a computer - Toy Story!   What a fascinating story and it's about business versus creativity.  There were a couple of quotes that I want from the book so I must get the book because I do not remember them. The book is read by the author which makes it all the more fascinating.    Check out these quotes from the book.  You can bet that I'm going to be posting them as I LOVE THEM ALL, but none of them were the particular quote that I want.

"Creativity, Inc.: Overcoming the Unseen Forces That Stand in the Way of True Inspiration - Audiobook"
Creativity Inc by Ed Catmull

Well as I'm driving, there is NO mention of Lancaster.  And I'm driving from one highway to another.  At last, I see signs for Lancaster - thank goodness because I was getting worried that I didn't have the right address in the GPS and wouldn't that be funny if I ended up in Idaho!!!!   Although I knew I was in Pennsylvania.

Met up with the rest of my group and we got our booth together, then out for dinner and then to the hotel.

Northcott booth - just need to hang our sign this morning

We are staying at the Lancaster Arts Hotel which used to be a tobacco warehouse!!!   Exposed beams and brick walls - it is gorgeous and I want to buy it and make a studio here.  For some reason, I have exposed brick walls on my brain and a studio.  Now I just need to win the lottery and I'm all set.  I also saw this big beautiful old house on the outskirts of town - must go back and get a picture of that.  It was stunning.

Hotel room

Image result for lancaster arts hotel
Lancaster Arts Hotel

Wow - had a quick peek at some of the vendors yesterday.  Had a quick peek at some of the quilts!!!   Oh my - hide the credit card and just take the camera!!!!!   I've already seen the most gorgeous fabric - I know - I don't need fabric, but it is stunning and some of it may just find its way into my suitcase.  Heck - I got an entire car and thanks to Mary for the reminder - I can bring back $800 of goods. Now how does that exchange rate work???   Who cares - just fill the car and pay the consequences.

On that note - I better get ready.  We can get in ONE HOUR in advance - so that gives me four 1 hour windows to get my pictures.  And there is much to see!!!!

Have a great day!!!!


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