Saturday, March 12, 2016

Into the night.......................

I try to not do a lot in the evenings. I try - I really try to have only ONE thing scheduled per week, but that doesn't always work out.

This past week was truly a bad week as I was out FOUR nights in a row.

Tuesday night was the Mississauga Cycling Advisory Committee meeting.  Not bad for timing - they try to keep things moving along and we are usually finished by 8:30.  Still you get home at 9 PM and there isn't really any time to do much.

But if you are into cycling at all - check out this story about this fellow that I met at the bike show.  Gosh - did I already mention him???   Anyway - have a read - it's pretty amazing and I wish I had the guts to do what he did.  Unfortunately with the line of work that I do - it's a bit impossible.

That was Tuesday. As I mentioned, not a lot of time to do much, except I get a call from my dear sweet daughter.  "Mom - could you go to my friend's house to pick something up??"  And it needs to be done TONIGHT.  And the good Mom that I am, I got in the car and drove to pick up her stuff. That same night, I had something to drop off at Diane's who was then going to take it to work the next day for someone else.  She lives close to me so I stopped on the way home from my other errand.  Of course, the girls were with me in the car and so they got to have a cuddle with Diane.  That Lexi is a cuddler and a moocher!  Any attention to be had and she is right in there!  Little Sammy didn't get out of the car as she didn't have a leash.

Technically I didn't go out on Wednesday night, but I did have people over for a meeting. Again - it wasn't a late night, but it meant that the evening got tied up.  It was a very productive meeting, I'm glad we had the meeting and my house got tidied up to boot!  Can't beat that. There is nothing like people coming over to get motivated! But I seriously wonder about people whose house is clean and tidy no matter when you drop in.  I would DIE if I was that tidy!

Thursday night was the meeting of the Grand River Modern Quilt Guild - that was in Waterloo. I had been to one of their meetings before - the group is awesome and well I signed up. I joined another guild!!!!   Not only that, but I've committed to a group round robin!!!!   I know - how did that happen?  But it is going to be fun and I thought about my piece all the way home.   The biggest problem with this kind of thing (well so far) isn't the lack of ideas - it's narrowing them down.  I think I really should just get some fabric (not that I don't have any) and slice and dice - experiment and see which version I like the best. That is where the learning comes and the mistakes?  They are NOT mistakes.  That is learning!   Once I was finished, I had something else to drop off at Diane's so another late drop.

I swear if someone was following me, they would think I am into serious drug business or something.  All these late night meetings.

Then last night - it was another adventure. This time at the airport.  I had applied for a NEXUS pass months ago and it was finally my appointment - Friday night at 6:45.  For some reason, I did not write this date in my agenda and I looked on Wednesday and YIKES - almost had a heart attack.  I thought the appointment was next week.

Anyway - I get to the airport, park the car and get to the office where they do the processing.   You have to sign in,  the agents will look at the list (compare it to the appointment list) and then call your name. They called one lady's name and asked her for the confirmation letter as she had signed in, but was not on the list.  AHA - her confirmation letter said April 11 - NOT March 11. Bye bye - see you in a month!

But now I'm thinking  - I don't have a confirmation letter. If they refuse to see me, well - I'll be ticked as you have to wait a long time for the appointments.  When they asked for my letter, I told them I don't have a printer which is the truth!  So they verified my name on the list and I was good.  A couple of pictures later - did you know that you get to smile for this one! Fingerprints, eye scan and answer a few more questions and I was good to go!

Back to the car. WAIT - where the heck is the car???  Oh for heaven's sake - I can't find the car!   I even used my panic button on the key fob - no car.  OK - so I must be on the wrong level.  I did pay attention, but not really when I parked.  Back into the airport - I don't have a coat - just in short sleeves.  Off to the washroom which I should have done in the first place so I could focus - originally, I thought I could make it home. Back to the parking lot and as I was walking back, I realized my mistake.
Airport map

As I was walking back to the parking lot (the long green lines on the right-hand side of the map). I took the fork to the left and completely missed the fact that there was another one to the right!  That one on the left went to Level 4 and the one on the right went to Level 5.  DUH!!!!!   As soon as I took the right fork - there was my car!

They even had these at the door to help idiots like myself!  

An aid to help you remember where your car is parked

Never mind that all the columns are numbered and color coded.  Did I pay attention to any of it?  Nope - I trusted my sense of direction which is usually pretty good.  I knew I was in the wrong spot - I just didn't know how to get to the right spot. I must take a picture next time because it is a bit tricky - there is a big post in the way when you exit the airport doors so you don't necessarily see that upper walkway. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!!!!

The problem is how to find the car if you absolutely don't remember.  Imagine being away for a week?  

The good news - I'm teaching a class today, but then I don't have to go out tonight!!!!

Which really is good news because I do have quite a bit of stuff that has to be done and prepped before I go away.  I have no idea why going away is such a stressful thing.  I guess because there is a deadline.  It sort of takes the fun out of going away!

And a huge thank you to all my volunteers.   I got people anxiously awaiting their little package of fabrics to mess around with. Can't wait to hear their thoughts!

On that note - I'm out of here. 

Have a great day!!!!!!


PS - I hear Lexi blogged this morning.


  1. Been there and done that at the Dallas/Ft Worth Airport. Huge international airport!! Came back at Christmas with my Mom the 1st year we were living here and had to look for the car for about 30 minutes. Now I'm an old hand at it, but it was very scary that first time!!

    1. Oh my god!!!!! So glad you posted! I have to admit that I panicked for a minute. How am I going to find the stupid car! Elaine