Thursday, March 24, 2016

Row by Row - away we go......................

Last summer when I was in PEI, I laid out all my license plates from 2014.  I had a quilt designed and then Carol kept buying me more plates and I got a few from other people and well I had to rethink the design. The original design and the plates have sat in a bag all this time. Now with that deadline looming, there is no choice but to get them out and do something and FAST.

The state of that studio is a bit chaotic at the moment and that's putting it mildly!  I did manage to tidy up a few things this morning, but there are a thousand projects running through my head. If you thought I was bad before I started working at Northcott - think again.  The situation is now totally out of control!  And I was trolling websites yesterday at work and OH BOY - shouldn't have done that.   Yep - if I win the lottery, I need to hire two sewers who can do all my sewing!  Or I just live to 199.  I like the second option.

Here's one shot of the floor - the middle of the floor no less and how many times will I walk around it until I pack  everything back in the basket?  Well a few times to be sure, but it's all packed back in the basket now.

A little out of control!

But here's the thing - if I didn't have the next project(s) in the wings - I would die.  Yup - I need to have a purpose in life, I need a goal and it's making things!  I don't make my projects for gifts, I don't make them for donating - NOPE - I make them for me! It's pretty cheap therapy.  I make quilts that I want to make and if I find a purpose for them afterward - great.  If not - there will be one heck of a quilt giveaway after I'm gone.  It'll be a feeding frenzy for sure!

Yes - I finally had a few minutes last night and this morning to get some tidying done and organize the next two urgent projects.   Only I make them urgent because I think I can do everything!  Plus, I'm going on a sewing retreat next week and I have NOTHING to sew!   HA HA HA HA!!!!   What a liar I am!!!

And driving in the car to and from work gives me too many ideas as well.  At least this idea will be using up Row by Row 2014 stuff so that is allowed.

I managed to find one Row by Row box when I got home.  I couldn't remember what I had purchased for fabric.   AHA - I knew that I had solids - got four different solids. I think that is all that was available. I have three FQs of three different leaf patterns and I also have yardage of the border print with the trees on it. Also in the box, I found ONE kit and some patterns.  Of course, I already had the license plates out.    Hmmm - it would appear that I'm missing the snowflake fabric and then I will have all the fabrics for 2014.  I will check one of my kits - that big one on the right has the snowflake fabric and I might use that or if anyone wants to sell me a FQ of the snowflake - I'll buy it!

Row by row 2014 supplies
 Hmm - I'm certain that there is another box of stuff.  Where could it be???   No clue, but this morning when I went to find a certain foot for the sewing machine, VOILA - the box was right there.  This one is full of kits.  Not too many.  I should count them and see about designing a quilt or two around them.  It would be very nice to say that I am completely done with Row by Row 2014.

Box of kits for row by row 2014

And how many license plates do I have????   Well, this many!   That's one and a half inches worth, but let's not forget that each is contained in a plastic bag and a VERY THICK piece of cardboard. So the plates don't take up much space at all!  Right?

2014 Row by Row License plates

Can you guess how many plates are there??????    Guess.....................   Lots from Ontario and all over the US thanks to people like Carol, Barbara (who thankfully put her name in the plastic bag), Mary, Pat, Bernice, Maria, Susan and Shelley and probably a couple others.  Some of the trades I did in 2015 ended up netting me some plates from 2014. but that's OK.

Now this plate is the inspiration starting point for the quilt.  Elaine's son (not me obviously!) picked this up as he lives in Maryland.  Oh yes - we had no shame in sending our children even if they were grown men into a quilt store to get a license plate!

Maryland plate
For the most part, the quilt  is all designed on paper. I'd like to put it in EQ7 just so I have a better idea of the entire project before I get going, but what the heck - just go for it!!!!!   It would just be a good lesson in EQ7.  OK - must take pictures of the plates and put them in the quilt.   Super excited!!!!!!   Now if I can remember how to do that resizing thing. 

The deadline - a picture of the top has to be submitted by April 20.  Oh boy - what am I doing on the computer?

I'm not sure I will ever confess how many plates I got in 2015.  There were a few that were picked up here and there and that's all I'm going to say about it!

When I was at Burkholder Fabrics in PA, I picked up a piece of one of the 2016 Row by Row fabrics. I couldn't help myself!

2016 Row by Row fabric
 And I found a new bicycle fabric and one more darn novelty print.  Will someone please stop me from buying this stuff.  At least, it was only one - there were  many novelty prints in that store. I could have gone wild. So I guess one more is OK.

Novelty prints

On that note - I'm out of here. The roads are crappy, but I want to get to work at some point in the day.  I'm going to quilt a couple of small projects for work and then go in when hopefully the roads are better.

Have an AWESOME DAY!!!!!!!


Oh gosh - I'd be remiss if I didn't send you to QUILTSocial today.   Another great post (obviously!) and this time, it's all about free motion quilting.   Check it out!!!!

PS - the number is 55

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